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Best wedding photographer for your money, period.

 “Why are photographers so expensive at the wedding show?”


Wedding photography in Montreal and Ottawa tends to be expensive, don’t be surprised if you are being quoted $4000-5000+. The truth is that weddings are costly to begin with and not everyone can afford that kind of budget. The “packages” might include a long list of features but each component has a built-in profit margin into it. Watch out especially if you have been offered a lower price via an “associate” photographer. Essentially your wedding is being outsourced to a third party, someone who you might not even have the chance to meet prior to your wedding day!


On the other hand, you will find many wedding photographers in Montreal and Ottawa under $1000 but you notice flaws in their images, in their personalities and in their ability to take control when things get ugly. Perhaps they lack experience so they see your event as a way to build their portfolio. Remember that we only have one chance to get this right, are you willing to take the risk in compromising your wedding day?


See and believe.


Why Pixelicious?

Pixelicious offers value for your money, high quality imagery without the high price tag. We do this by removing albums and prints so we have nothing to upsell after the wedding. We also work with a fixed, all inclusive pricing that matches your budget which covers preparation to reception so you no longer have to worry about hourly or overtime rates. Just focus on having fun instead!


Not only do we charge the full amount after you get to review the retouched images, for any reason you aren’t satisfied with our work, we will not charge anything, reimburse any retainer paid and no delivery of photographs will occur, it is our 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back policy. Honest, transparent and no B.S.


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Not convinced?

Take a moment to browse our stories, featuring real weddings and real couples from the greater Montreal and Ottawa area. We don’t work with paid models in editorial shoots, they can be misleading as to what one can expect in a genuine wedding day. Our portfolio is 100% authentic and our clients have been very kind in allowing us to share some highlights.

Pixelicious Montreal and Ottawa wedding photographer portfolio stories banner


Pixelicious is known for its remarkable storytelling. Our images are often described as timeless, elegant and natural. Clients appreciate our simplistic approach to wedding photography which results in believable poses and expressions. We expect our brides and grooms to enjoy their wedding day to the fullest while we take care of the rest. We excel in capturing emotion and candid moments, yet fully able in giving directions when required. Look no further if this is the type of wedding photography you have been searching for.


Montreal Science Center wedding by Pixelicious photography

Featured wedding gallery: Elegance never goes out of style


Clients for life.

You will be joining an exclusive circle of clients that has access to a dedicated photographer, someone who is committed in building your family visual legacy long before and after your wedding day.


We call this the Pixelicious signature experience. Whether you are interested in having engagement or family portraits, we will explore the most scenic locations and brainstorm the very best themes. No idea is too outrageous, unleash your creativity and make your dreams come true together.


Pixelicious exists to serve our clients. We have been blessed with countless referrals over the years and the relationships built are what we treasure the most. Invest your trust in having us and rest assured that the love will be reciprocated many times over.


Maison Lavande portraits by Pixelicious wedding photography

Featured portrait gallery: Lavender dream



What others say.

Victoria & Martin

Victoria & Martin

"We had spoken practically every 2 weeks leading up to the wedding, regarding the venue, the list of people for group shots, what was I looking for him to capture, etc. He has done many weddings and it showed when it came to planning out the day.

After your wedding day, your memories live on in pictures. And I truly do believe I could not have chosen a better photographer."

Bora & Marc

Bora & Marc

"For me, having terrific wedding pictures was definitely a priority, but it is ridiculous to see how the wedding industry causes service fees to skyrocket. He however, offered a very reasonable price for us, and he could have certainly asked for more having seen his hard work and dedication. I am 200% satisfied with the result and have already recommended him to my friends.

In fact, we loved his pictures so much that we ended up changing our wedding date when we learned he was not available, it was most definitely worth it!"

Alexis & Jordan

Alexis & Jordan

"I interviewed over a dozen photographers for my wedding. I found that every one that I interviewed was trying to sell me hourly packages with too many added expense clauses, and hidden charges, with the all annoying wedding albums which they always claim to be included but only for a certain amount photos, etc.

I was looking for a photographer that would give me one price, and be with us from start to finish of the wedding without worrying about going over an hour or that wouldn’t be shoving a wedding album down my throat."

Adison & Casey

Adison & Casey

"Le photographe de notre mariage a fait preuve d’un professionnalisme hors pair. Je recommande vivement ses services à quiconque désire revivre la magie d’un moment spécial.

Pour tout dire, la plupart de notre entourage, de près ou de loin, nous ont souligné avoir ressenti l’émotion de notre mariage, même sans y avoir assisté, simplement après avoir vu quelques photos de l’événement, partagées en ligne. En effet, mon conjoint et moi avons été les premiers estomaqués, ravis d’avoir visé juste en le choisissant.

What we got was something above and beyond any expectation we had! On the day he was there early to set up and was so on top of the schedule and where everyone was that he practically made the whole afternoon flow himself! He knew exactly how to react with every situation and person to get the best shots, every laugh, smile and tear was captured so honestly and our wedding would not have been the same with out him."

Kathleen & Shaun

Kathleen & Shaun

"You were always punctual, professional, and organized. Additionally, you offered straight-forward pricing at a lower cost than we could find elsewhere. We are very happy we pursued our friend’s referral and will not hesitate to recommend you to others ourselves."

Julie & Marco

Julie & Marco

"Il nous a écouté nos idées, en a proposé de très bonnes, et ultimement respecté notre vision, ce qui est une très belle marque de professionnalisme.

Il a capté tous les moments clés de la soirée tout en étant très discret, même nos invités nous on fait des bon commentaires sur sa capacité à se déplacer et se mettre à la bonne place pour le cliché sans déranger. Les photos sont superbes, lumineuses et pleines de vie! Exactement ce que nous désirions!

Il nous a laissé des souvenirs remarquables, tellement que ma sœur l’a engagé pour son mariage!"

Sophie & Émilie

Sophie & Émilie

"Attentif, discret et passionné, il prend des photos de rêve au premier plan sans jamais attirer l’attention.

De plus, son service avant, pendant et après notre mariage a toujours été honête et convivial."

Elizabeth & Tim

Elizabeth & Tim

"His dedication to his craft was amazing, creativity and professionalism at its finest.

His dedication to a lengthy event was unparalleled. He was on site ready to go and stayed until the end, capturing moments that elsewise would have been lost in the blur."

Monica & Marouane

Monica & Marouane

"Il a été plus qu’un simple photographe pour nous. Il a frôler le “wedding planner” en nous référant des ressources pour notre mariage. Il a été soucieux de garder contact avec nous de la signature du contrat jusqu’au jour du mariage. Il a joué discrètement un rôle d’organisateur pendant le grand jour afin de s’assurer que tout se passe bien, tel que prévu et sans stress.

Nous avons la certitude que vous ne trouverez pas mieux en terme de service – qualité – prix."

Mélanie & David

Mélanie & David

"Il est doté d’un talent incomparable et d’une très grande patience. Son service est professionnel, flexible et son prix, abordable! Nous le recommanderions à n’importe qui!"

Sarah & Mario

Sarah & Mario

"We cannot believe it has been 6 months since our wedding in January. It has been a honeymoon ever since and all we need to do to step back in time to that special night is look at the incredible pictures you took.

Every shot seems so intimate. Every pose un-rehearsed and full of energy and meaning."

Keisha & Andrew

Keisha & Andrew

"He is an expert at capturing the most beautiful moments which are so candid that every time we look at the pictures we are able to re-experience the joy we felt that day.

We couldn’t imagine having any other photographer because there is no one as talented or as amazing!"

Lindsey & Frank

Lindsey & Frank

"He is a great photographer to work with, very professional and at the same time friendly and very open to our ideas about the style that we wanted. He really took the time to get to know us as a couple and really took great pictures of us and our family in real moments that couldn’t be staged."



How are we different?


Wedding photography made affordable.

Our clients cherish photography but also demand value. We offer a price-to-quality ratio that is unheard of.

No albums. No upselling. No nonsense.

We drive down the cost by providing the high resolution photographs instead. You are always the one in control.


Pay after seeing the results.

By knowing exactly what they are paying for, our clients appreciate the honesty and transparency.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

We will refuse payment and refund any retainer made for any reason you are not satisfied. No questions asked.


You are in good hands.

It is impossible to know what will happen one year from now. Our promise is to capture all important moments from start to finish so you have nothing to worry about. It is that simple.

Timeless is our signature.

We strive in crafting images that will stand the test of time. We do not chase the latest trends or fads.


Start saving money.