Elegance Never Goes Out of Style

What Happened

I have heard rumors back in school that students from the faculty of medicine tend to throw the best parties, now I think I know why.

To describe Bojana is difficult. She possesses a subtle, understated elegance, something je ne sais quoi that makes her so alluring. This is reflected in how Bojana picked her dress, a forgotten piece left hanging on the rack as I was told, but somehow managed to catch our bride’s attention. She was actually criticized for not choosing something more glamorous or extravagant.

A wedding dress must not only physically fit, it needs to match the bride’s personality and temperament to unleash its full potential. My artistic eye says that Bojana picked the right one and she looks dazzling in it.

With body movements that flow so effortlessly and such photogenic faces, note the plural form as I have not forgotten about Niall, you would think that they are professional models as opposed to a real couple. I teased Bojana if she would consider changing careers to modeling and she blushed. Come to think of it and for the benefit of mankind, it would be wise to let them keep doing what they do best, which is saving people.

Those who have been to the Science Centre might know about the rooftop terrasse that offers a lovely view of the Montreal skyline. It requires a long walk to get there, a brutal one especially if you have been wearing heels all day. Watching Bojana walk bare feet was very painful as she was undoubtedly exhausted. It is rare to see clients who are so willing, to smile one last time for the camera in the dark, in the cold even as we approach 2 a.m.

“It will be worth it, as long as you are happy with the pictures”, she said.

My heart melted as we parted ways, you bet that I am more than happy with these pictures!