Lucky Thirteen

What Happened

An unconventional wedding deserves a different kind of cover image, especially when it involves double-tongued licking action.

One had a California phone number, the other from Massachusetts, yet Min and Nima live in Atlanta, Georgia. The inquiry was almost mistaken for spam but they pitched an outrageous idea that got me very intrigued. A vision for a multiday photo marathon void of wedding formalities, with yours truly given the carte blanche without worrying about church priests or reception DJs. The sole requirement was to have an insatiable appetite, because our groom happened to have a sweet tooth.

I am revealing the secret of photography: the quality of the images shall be proportional to the amount of calories consumed. Creativity be damned, just eat more!

Going from traditional then contemporary and finally to full hipster mode, I got to witness the many sides of our lovebirds. Colorful and (shamelessly) fun, I was warned repeatedly to not take them too seriously. The pictures reflect their experience in world travel and of course, their habit of shoving everything into their mouths. Describing them as hardcore foodies would be an understatement.

As with every other wedding, the highlight is always the people surrounding the couple. We didn’t even bother with lists for family group photos. This was a party of 12, with me being lucky number 13. It was so refreshing to hear everyone calling everyone else by their first names. With family members joining from Vancouver, Singapore, Germany and even as far as Australia, they managed to pick Montreal out of all places.

Looks like my lucky stars are aligned once again!