Tears of the Crown Jewel

What Happened

Following last year’s embarrassing struggle to even stand properly for the camera, we promised Ben to avoid any dock or area near water. Deep down I knew if Ben was given a second chance, he would shine under the glorious fall foliage. With the crowd erupting in cheers, he led Sharon on a long recessional as the sun sets. I wonder if this is how our newlyweds envisioned their wedding day?

Whoever picked the location or planned the timeline must be a genius. From the scenic backdrop bursting with colors to the late afternoon ceremony, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Actually, about that first shuttle bus heading back to town at 10:00 PM, hm… yeah. Our DJ already predicted that it would be empty (rightfully so!) and by 10:30 PM, a last call was announced as if we were begging someone to please go home early such that our driver wouldn’t feel too lonely.

Although Sharon and Ben have much in common, they do differentiate themselves with their signature laughs. I suppose it’s difficult to describe in words but here it goes:

Ben: tee-hee-hee… heeeee!


It’s when you combine both sounds you realize that you are hearing something new, but also highly contagious because you just can’t help but to laugh along.

This is a wedding, however and I was warned to also expect strong emotions. Reaching the crescendo with a series of speeches that rendered everyone speechless, our couple spoke so passionately and eloquently, every table had someone in tears. All of us were thankful for the gentleman reminding us to “breathe!” as words from the heart kept pounding. Undoubtedly the highlight of the evening, we leave with mom’s words of wisdom: if Ben is her crown, then Sharon shall be the jewel.

At last, the crown jewel is complete.