Gone With The Wind

What Happened

Those who know Erika would recognize her ability to communicate with exceptional clarity. Always responsive and prompt in her replies, I never felt the need to press for further information. Among the brides I have worked with this year, Erika is the one who I am least worried about.

I also have to admit that seeing “Dear Jimmy” in the header makes my heart melt a little.

Details of her wedding day would land into my inbox well in advance. Her timeline was so well planned that I wasn’t able to tweak it, even the standard phone call the week before was just my excuse to hear her voice and say hello. Five minutes into our conversation there was an urge to hang up, not because I am mean or anything, but everything was well in order.

Erika’s composure must have been contagious, even her bridesmaids were surprisingly calm. Seeing the bedroom immaculately cleaned almost had me cry tears of joy. Photographing the girls was delightful, but patiently waiting for grandma’s arrival preoccupied my mind. After all, our bride specifically requested to have images featuring all three generations.

I didn’t understand what grandma said, but her refusal in letting Erika’s hand go revealed everything I needed to know.

The venue turned out to be as picturesque as Erika described nearly a year ago with lush greenery, wide vistas and oversized willow trees. The guests were then invited to a cozy, warm reception where I get to eavesdrop comments on how scenic the location was.

Thank you so much Erika and Simon for having me, taking pretty pictures has always been the easy part. Having the conviction to materialize your vision is the challenge. I knew you guys would look radiant either way!