Light At The End of The Tunnel

What Happened

The feeling is strange when looking back through my conversations with Megan, it’s as if I am reminding her of the most painful memories when she is already overwhelmed. It started with the passing of Raphael’s mom and his dad’s diagnosis of cancer. Megan’s family wasn’t spared of the misfortune either, I was told that grandma fell accidentally early this year, fracturing her spine.

The drama surely didn’t end there as Megan’s dress finally arrived the day before. Does the idea of having nothing to wear on your wedding day ever cross a bride’s mind? Meanwhile, it is already midnight and Raphael still couldn’t check in at the hotel. It turns out that they double booked his room.

Essentially I got up early in the morning, ready to start my car but I wasn’t sure where to go…

Then things got out of control when the neighbor drops by to say hi, only to trip herself on the driveway! The sight of Megan holding a bloodied towel still haunts me. Full panic mode ensues.

Megan once described her wedding as seeing light at the end of the tunnel. You just can’t deny the magic of tying the knot as the mood completely shifts immediately after. Not only did we pass by Mythos, the first chapter of their love story, we ended up revisiting Megan’s true love.

That’s ice cream by the way.

Don’t let Raphael’s classy outfit fool you, our groom has been working hard in suppressing his Bruce Wayne alter ego. Always expressive, you can’t help but to laugh out loud. A few more shots upon nightfall and the bat beast is finally unleashed, followed by one of the finest Zeibekiko I have ever seen.

Can someone reveal when and where did Raphael learn to dance like that? I asked Megan and she had no clue!

Both Raphael’s dad and Megan’s grandma were present, in addition to all their dearest family and friends. In the end, isn’t that what matters at a wedding, the people and not the things? The light keeps shining on our newlyweds as I am happy to hear that both found employment in their respective fields. Bonds are strengthen through adversity and with all the hardship they had to endure, I would say this relationship is destined to last.