19 Layers of Tulle

What Happened

It wasn’t Fruit Loop (the cat) that caught my attention when I walked in, not even Ghislaine, but rather the sewing machine in the middle of the living room.

Among the flowers, makeup, decorative items and other wedding chaos that have taken over our space, the sewing machine appears to be forgotten. Yet, it has proven to be instrumental during the past few months as Ghislaine transformed her home into a workshop. The dress that you are seeing, all 19 layers of glorious tulle, happens to be our bride’s own creation. She candidly joked that if things didn’t work out, she would go out and buy a dress like everyone else. Deep down I knew she would follow through and I have been eager to see it ever since.

What impressed me wasn’t her design prowess or sewing technique, while both highly remarkable. I still don’t understand how she managed to hide the entire fabrication process from Peter all along!

If it wasn’t clear that Ghislaine is extremely hands-on when it comes to… just about everything really, she even handpicked our locations for photography. Which bride would dream to visit the local library on her wedding day, seriously? Visitors can’t seem to determine which is fiction: the book they are reading or the newlyweds dancing outside the window?

The locations also revealed Ghislaine’s love for strong, bold colors. I managed to observe the yellow fabric beneath the 19th layer of tulle, the sunflowers, the jewelry, Peter’s yellow bow tie and yellow pocket square. Hey, I could be wrong but after channeling my inner Sherlock Jim, I am guessing yellow is our bride’s favorite color.

When put together, Ghislaine and Peter can display romance, yet some of the most hilarious facial expressions. The fun is magnified exponentially when the bridal party is around, so special thanks to the team for bringing much needed joy and laughter throughout the day!