Sleepless Overture

What Happened

“Good night Lois, try to get some sleep.”

I watched Lois getting swarmed by family and friends in jubilation despite my parting words. Donning the breathtaking dress while paying homage to her Ghanaian heritage, the evening ended on a high note.

Following up the next morning, I was curious to learn if Lois managed to get some rest. “Three hours”, she said.

I felt uncertainty in her tone, perhaps she wasn’t too sure herself or she rounded up some numbers to alleviate my concern. Should I tell Lois to focus on hair and makeup, finish eating her croissant or avoid looking outside the window as the rain pours? For some reason photography dropped to the bottom of my to-do list.

Willingly or not, Lois and Steven took the difficult path in getting married. Being constantly challenged, both had to endure a roller coaster ride of drama and frustration. You can sense relief once these two got married not once, but twice. “She looks beautiful!” Steven shouted as I scrolled through a few sample images at the park. That turned out to be a good move, it provided the confidence Steven needed to unleash his inner black panther just in time for reception.

And it was nothing short of spectacular.

Experience in dancing must have been a requirement to get invited, the guests spent more time on their feet as opposed to sitting down. As the DJ cranks up the beat, the crowd would roar back even louder. What followed was an epic showdown between team bride and team groom, as if we were watching You Got Served live. How they managed to find energy this late shall remain a mystery. I was promised non-stop action after all and I left the two-day wedding marathon truly impressed.

Lois and Steven sure knows how to delight their guests!