Divine radiance of the rainmakers – La Toundra wedding, Montreal


When they visited the venue, it rained.


When they tried out the caterer, it rained.


When they met their DJ, it rained.


When it was time to pick up the dress and the ring, it rained.


When they had their engagement photos taken by yours truly, it rained again.



I suppose we would have forgiven Sabrina and Domenic for including “Please bring your umbrella” on their wedding invitation card because the pattern became quite obvious. Just a slight problem though, not a single drop of rain was found on their wedding day. Sabrina was simply drenched in sunlight, shining through her gown as this bride looked almost divine.


When I first walked into Domenic’s room, it looked like some kind of laboratory or workshop. Pieces of wood, screwdrivers, soldering iron, brush and a bucket of paint… Apparently he worked day and night to assemble a very special gift, a handcrafted music box with a collection of jewelry, each piece representing a location they once visited. Upon opening this box, Sabrina immediately bursted into tears. I trust that this box will be treasured forever as it encapsulates all the happiness and memories these two have.


Being friends with this couple also means that you will never starve. I don’t have the habit of featuring food in my wedding albums but this feast deserved a special mention. I remember having red wine reduction filet mignon with scallop potatoes, accompanied by roasted parsnips and garlic beans for entrée alone. The moment you think you were done with dinner, a food truck parks at the front entrance to deliver cupcakes. When they kept stacking the macarons by midnight, I just gave up. I turned my camera off and started looking for a takeout box instead. Professionalism no longer applies when faced by the temptation of French pastries.


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