So far away, yet so close – Winking Rosebud Resort wedding, Portland, Ontario


Originally from Ottawa, Kc moved to New Jersey at a young age. Eventually she had to relocate to Indiana to pursue her career, only to get married in the small town of Portland. Along the way, Kc somehow managed to find yours truly from Montreal. Give yourself credit if you aren’t confused by all these locations, I had to stare at the map for long time to finally understand what was going on.


It turns out that we do have a few things in common: a passion for photography, a desire for travel and we tend to write very, very long e-mails. Each subsequent reply represents an opportunity to outwrite the previous one. Kc’s words do flow with clarity and intent, reflecting her highly organized mind. However, describing our bride as “organized” would be an understatement. Trying to keep up with Kc is a futile exercise, as you would most likely fail. Although I say this with tremendous delight, because she essentially planned out the photographer’s schedule (that’s me), both Plan A and B, by the minute, many months in advance. I was like “Yeahhh!!! That was easy!”


I was warned that Kc isn’t the most affectionate person, actually she would openly admit that she hates people, period. Upon meeting her the night before, I witnessed members from the army, *ahem* I meant family, trying to set up the wedding in record time. It felt like a military drill. Directing everyone was our Commander-in-chief, Kc, proudly wearing a shirt that literally said “Bridezilla”. I thought that staying at a private retreat for a week was supposed to be relaxing?


Let’s just say that I didn’t sleep too well that night. Images of the mythical fire breathing beast would surface whenever I close my eyes, the photographer’s Kryptonite. My thoughts were mixed as I was convinced that our bride will not smile for the camera on her wedding day.


Luckily I had Quinn, a polite and modest young man who I can rely on. How often do you see a groom picking up the trash in the middle of a photo shoot? I recognize a gentleman when I see one. Whenever I get the chance to isolate our newlyweds from the rest of the world, the chemistry changes. I can assure you that Kc will keep smiling as long as she has Quinn by her side.


My mission came to an end at the docks where both Kc and Quinn exchanged their vows, privately. They hate people, remember? Not even I was allowed to eavesdrop their conversation. Such serene moments always seem too short, in particular with the presence of Rex who shall be their witness. Don’t bother asking Rex about the vows though, as this dog rarely barks.


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