Best places for engagement pictures in Montreal

If you are considering engagement sessions prior to your wedding day, then you have come to the right place! We handpicked our favorite locations around Montreal to offer some inspiration. Whether you are seeking the Old Port’s historical architecture as backdrop, Montreal’s famous green spaces or hidden gems further away, you will find plenty of images below to help you plan ahead.


Best places for engagement photos in Montreal include:

  • Montreal’s Old Port
  • La Fontaine Park and the Plateau
  • Montreal’s Botanical Garden / Espace de la vie
  • National Park Îles-de-Boucherville
  • Saint-Eustache’s La Maison Lavande
  • Macdonald Farm / McGill Campus


Montreal’s Old Port

Old Port engagement seeing Montreal downtown skyline

The Old Port is by far the most sought after place due to its well preserved architecture and its signature cobblestone streets. Come prepared though, as the area is quite large therefore requires extensive walking. We recommend pinpointing a few locations in advance, as well as allocating half the day for a more enjoyable experience. Click here to see Lily and William’s engagement session featuring the Montreal’s skyline at sunset


Old Port engagement walking on boardwalkThe boardwalk connects Quai Jacques-Cartier and Terrasses Bonsecours, finally leading you to Montreal’s famous Clock Tower. Strolling along the St-Lawrence river is romantic regardless of the season. Located on the edge of the Old Port, this area tends to be much more quiet than the bustling street of St-Paul.

Old Port engagement de la Commune streetSurprisingly, one can find green spaces at Terrasses Bonsecours and along rue de la Commune. If you are visiting here during summer, expect to bump into massive crowds, tourists and other brides on their wedding day! The trees provides a contrast to the Old Port’s stone architecture.

Old Port engagement marche BonsecoursJust across the street you will find the popular Marché Bonsecours. A great alternative for those looking for indoor images. The coffee shop offers a cozy place to rest your feet.


La Fontaine Park and the Plateau

Park Lafontaine engagement bicycles

Easily accessible, plenty of parking within the park and located in the heart of Montreal’s Plateau make La Fontaine park a popular choice for engagement sessions. The park is also bicycle and pet friendly, therefore attracting lots of fans. We suggest scheduling your shoot either very early or late. Photogenic throughout the year, you can see why La Fontaine is highly recommended. Check out Jessica and Anthony’s engagement at La Fontaine park and the Plateau here


Lafontaine park engagement tall trees in springTall trees and plenty of benches at La Fontaine will give you the classic park theme. Surrounded by four popular streets: Sherbrooke, Papineau, Rachel and avenue du Parc-La Fontaine, virtually every Montrealer knows where it is!

Plateau graffiti on St-LaurentWalk along St-Laurent boulevard for an urban exploration our city’s finest graffiti. Feeling hungry and need to take a break? Just crash into the legendary Schwartz’s Deli for its famous smoked meat to refuel.

Mount-Royal park engagement at eveningOur engagement sessions have no time limit, we will keep shooting past sunset to provide a memorable experience. Contact us and see what we have to offer. Most importantly, we want you to have fun!

Montreal’s Botanical Garden / Espace de la vie

Montreal botanical garden engagement crabapples

The Botanical Garden is Montreal’s crown jewel, essentially an amalgamation of small themed parks in the same area. Although very spacious, focus on specific areas to avoid endless walking. We highly recommend this location for your engagement photos even at the cost of a modest admission fee. Don’t miss Caroline and Vartan’s colorful images under the crabapples here


Engagement session at Montreal botanical garden walkingWear comfortable shoes and prepare to spend some time at the Botanical Garden to make the best out of it. High heels tend to sink into the grass, certainly not recommended.

Closeup at Botanical gardenExpect a good mix of wide, mid and closeup shots throughout the day. We strive to bring visual interest and creativity such that you can showcase the photos to your friends!

Laughing under crabapples at botanical gardenVisit the Botanical Garden at the right time to catch the blossom of the crabapples. Alternatively, enjoy the lush greenery in summer or the falling leaves in fall. You can’t go wrong by having your engagement photos taken here.


National Park Îles-de-Boucherville

Splashing water towards each other

Perfect location in the south shore for your engagement. Take the exit from highway 25 to Îles-de-Boucherville to reach the parking lot. A small admission fee grants you access to lovely trails, open spaces and even views of the St-Lawrence river. See more from Johanna and Javier’s engagement here


Boucherville park engagement in waterGo off the beaten path to find the rock shore’s secret entrance. Brides might not want to get their dresses wet, but why not jump into the water for your engagement?

Boucheville park laying down on grassWe brainstorm the theme and clothing in advance, with plenty of recommendations to help you look best. This is the time to play with colors and accessories to reveal your personality!

Boucheville park silhouette holding handsPixelicious excels in any lighting condition, from the blazing sun to dark interiors. Experiment with light and space to elevate your images.


Saint-Eustache’s La Maison Lavande

Maison lavande wide shot of lavender field

Drive north from Montreal to reach La Maison Lavande in Saint-Eustache. Known for its spectacular display of lavender fields, come near the end of June to witness it in full bloom. Flexibility in scheduling is essential but get it right, you won’t regret coming this far. More images with Victoria and Martin’s family at La Maison Lavande here


Family photo at Maison LavandeQuality, family heirloom images, yours forever. Our style is often described as elegant, simple yet candid. Genuine smiles can’t be posed, they must come natural.

Mom and daughter lavender sunsetTake advantage of the warm sunset as you enjoy the fields of lavender with your loved ones. Powerful moments to be cherished even many years later.

Kids in forest at nightLet kids be kids! La Maison Lavande offers a variety of backdrops and it is our intention to take advantage of all of them.


Macdonald Farm / McGill Campus

Dad and daughter running at Macdonald farm

Go to Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, west of Montreal, to find the hidden gem known as the Macdonald Farm. It is part of the McGill Macdonald Campus but this area becomes quiet during weekends. Corn fields and breathtaking autumn colors await you here.


Family engagement walking in park autumnWalk on fallen leaves should you wish for the classic autumn engagement. The Macdonald Farm is located between highway 20 and 40, look for Poultry Cottages street and you can’t miss it!

Kids on autumn leavesPhotogenic from every angle, get the photo experience you deserve no matter the season. Engagement sessions aren’t restricted to adults only.

Engagement photo corn fieldWalk deep into the narrow corn fields for an adventure. Just remember how to find your way back out! Have lots of fun and enjoy the day without the stress.


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