Go With The Flow

What Happened

Perhaps my engagement portraits weren’t good enough, at least that’s what I thought.

In fact there was no discussion whatsoever in having any pre-wedding photos when meeting Lily. For those who wish to experience something different outside of their wedding day, I would be more than delighted to offer one but by all means, there aren’t a necessity. Apparently Lily had the idea of bringing William into a surprise photo shoot all along. It was only much later when our mastermind revealed her secret plans in private, even I was caught in the surprise! That was a very slick move Lily, very slick.

So we managed to keep William in the dark for many months. The theme, the locations, the clothing, the hair and makeup appointments… Everything is being planned in the most subtle and discreet fashion. Those wondering whether Lily can keep matters confidential, I would say she passed the test with flying colors. The man closest to her had absolutely no clue what was about to happen. Hopefully I didn’t traumatize him with my presence, I made our groom-to-be work extremely hard to earn these images. Therefore thank you William for being a good sport and you certainly deserve much credit for your performance on such short notice.

This album also marks our couple’s 11th anniversary together, making this exercise even more meaningful. It is surely something worth celebrating and you just can’t help but to notice their chemistry in front of the camera. Always playful and willing, their charm brought much needed warmth into this cold winter day.