The Jones Legacy

What Happened

They lured me onto the frozen lake, while holding a pair of shotguns. That pretty much sums up my recollection of Caitlin and Russ’ engagement nearly five years ago.

To be fair, there were many highlights worth mentioning such as the arctic cold, the blazing sunset, the board games, the campfire but I get those once in a while. I shall reiterate that the shotguns weren’t just props, our couple displayed exemplary marksmanship. Each time the cans exploded in all directions, I was reminded that I only had a camera in hand so I did the smart thing by complying to whatever they desired, in addition to capturing memorable images.

Earning my right to live and subsequently, see both tie the knot, Caitlin has been prominently featured on my homepage ever since. When Pixelicious’ own cover girl asks for family photos, how could I possibly say no?

Seasons change but the new chapter still features the same family cottage. Whenever I visit this special place, I come home with lovely pictures. I quickly got acquainted with our two new members of the family: Rowan and Emmett. Both destined to be very tall, but also give their parents the greatest challenge yet. I learned that Caitlin hasn’t slept for the past three years already. Then I turned my attention to Russ, asking him whether it was more difficult to save lives or look after his sons? The latter obviously, without any hesitation.

Ah… The joys of parenting!

It’s unfortunate that the camera can’t simultaneously capture what happens behind me. From dancing, singing, making funny faces to bribing with endless snacks, it took the family’s collective effort to make a child smile. As Rowan casually unwinds while watching his favorite Bee Movie, the parents were clearly exhausted.

Thank you Caitlin and Russ for enduring another photo marathon, I know I make everyone work hard for these. Also thank you for sparing my life in our first encounter, such that I can continue in telling your story. Our collaboration is testament that wedding photography isn’t a single collection of images nor does it represent the end, but rather the start of your family’s legacy.