Into The World of Fire and Ice

There are many reasons why people avoid having their pictures taken in winter, just to name a few: lack of sunlight, extreme cold temperature and the five layers of clothing that make you appear larger than reality.

To be honest, I hesitated when Caitlin and Russ requested to have their engagement photos taken in January. I said to myself that if the couple is brave enough to withstand the elements, there has to be a reason and I might be in for a special treat. Caitlin and I spent countless hours brainstorming all the possible activities that can take place to transform this engagement session into a memorable experience.

Deciding on the location was easy. The images had to be taken at the family estate just outside of Perth. The 200 years old cottage showcases the Inderwick family history in stunning fashion. When Caitlin showed me the 300 acres of forest and the frozen lake as our playground, my jaw just dropped. No photograph would do justice in displaying how grandiose this location can be therefore I feel humbled and privileged for being invited there.

I particularly loved how Caitlin described her “backyard” when she kept pointing in different directions with me trying to look beyond the horizon:

“You can’t see it. Basically it is everything the light touches.” – in reference to the Lion King.

The couple spent the day demonstrating their impressive marksmanship (never missing their target), playing their favorite board games, reminiscing their cheerleader days, setting up a campfire and so much more.

I strive for a level of simplicity in my images to avoid distractions for my subjects. We ended our day in the middle of the frozen lake and the blazing sunset. The gigantic open area of nothingness was so striking that I wouldn’t want anything more. As I look through these images, I started to understand why they picked January. Quick frankly, I wouldn’t have suggested otherwise now that I have seen it.