Promised Ascent

What Happened

Among the many outrageous ideas I pitch to future newlyweds, one in particular is that I would bring them to the summit of Mont-Tremblant for the sheer thrill of it (code for “I have no idea why I even propose such nonsense to begin with”).

The idea is to help couples think outside the box. Engagement portraits shouldn’t be confined by the number of hours or the proximity of locations. Come to think of it, engagements are the exact opposite of weddings. Who wouldn’t enjoy having their pictures taken whenever, wherever? By all means, you aren’t supposed to endorse my idea literally, unless you happen to be Shina and Nick. Not only did they accept without the slightest touch of hesitation, they also displayed an insatiable desire for adventure.

So I was doomed! I had no choice but to follow through on something that wasn’t supposed to happen…

Shortly after being acquainted, our lovebirds went on a spring hike gone awry. They accidentally walked on a hollow patch of snow, only to find themselves trapped as they slid into a hole. I was told that after a long struggle, they ultimately confessed their love to each other for the first time. The truth seems to always come out on the verge of death. By nightfall they ended up on the other side of Mont-Tremblant. Desperately seeking for help, a kind-hearted local saved the day by offering a ride back to the village.

Fast forward a decade later, we get to tackle the same mountain together. It’s not like we trained whatsoever for our ascent, the vicious cycle of work and binge watching Netflix rendered our bodies old and frail. But with age also comes wisdom, we flashed our wallet this time then rode the gondola all the way to the top! You can’t say we didn’t prepare anything, however, as Shina brought a lovely basket full of fruits and sandwiches. As to why we need to have a picnic on the summit of Mont-Tremblant? Because we can!

We continued our journey by further hiking deep into the woods, crossing creeks and catching the sunset in the enchanted forest. The entire itinerary defied logic, yet provided endless scenic backdrops. Shina completely passed out due to exhaustion on our way back home. She would have spent the night in my car if we hadn’t cruelly woken her up, something that Nick and I still laugh about to this day.