Where The Heart Lives

What Happened

You can’t ignore the heart’s calling. You hear it, you feel it.

Jessica and Anthony moved to Toronto years ago but they are coming back home to tie the knot. “Home” doesn’t always translate to the physical space we live in, it transcends into memories we cherished and the people around us. As Jessica proclaims Montreal the greatest city ever, it’s only natural to have their engagement portraits taken here at home.

Toronto has its charms, but the smoked meat just doesn’t compare…

I was given one instruction: the pictures need to SCREAM Montreal!

When Jessica explicitly writes in caps, you know she means it. What ended up happening was a full day excursion of our city’s most distinctive neighborhoods, such that we can sprinkle Montreal’s DNA in every shot. We even paid homage to our signature eateries, starting with La Banquise’s poutine then Schwartz’s mouthwatering smoked meat, finally to sip Julep’s iconic orange juice to end the night.

Besides, Jessica is a fan of Fairmount bagels whereas Anthony favors St-Viateur. There’s only one way to settle the score, by visiting both of course!

I even asked Jessica to choose between Fairmount and Anthony, she picked the bagel without hesitation. If she could legally marry a bagel then these pictures would have turned out very differently.

I don’t recall a day where I shoved this many calories into my mouth. Our couple seems to have enjoyed the experience though, who wouldn’t want to spend their entire day eating anyway?

Those who know the area are aware that we covered lots of ground, clearly this isn’t your typical engagement session. Jessica never considered herself as the typical bride so I suppose the perverse idea of having her gain weight before the wedding is somewhat forgiven?