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+  Highly scenic venue with plenty of outdoor trails, nature lovers rejoice

+  Garden or forest wedding ceremony available, with indoor option during bad weather

+  Entire staff and venue dedicated for one wedding, not shared with others

x  Further located in Lanark, allocate travel time accordingly

x  Not many indoor options for photos at the venue or within the area

x  Tight spaces make walking around difficult during reception, not much space for dancing


Temples Sugar Bush Ltd wedding reception


Temples Sugar Bush offers various scenic locations for both romantic portraits and outdoor wedding ceremony. Fantastic venue in the small town of Lanark with friendly staff and attentive service, making it a worthy consideration for brides living in Ottawa.


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See Haley and AJ's engagement on the mountain peak!


Hundreds of images. Countless moments. You ready?


Don’t let Haley’s Puma socks plus Converse combination fool you, this bride can exhibit a level of elegance that very few will match. She might not be aware of it but I have taken enough of her engagement pictures to notice such soft and gentle movements and I thought:


Wait until the world sees Haley in her wedding dress…


Going all the way back into her first winter engagement session with Aj, Haley once described her vision and what was important for her. For nearly two years I held onto Haley’s words closely, only to remind her that I remember everything she said and every single word of it. The setting was perfect, we found ourselves in Haley’s old bedroom with its original blue paint, now starting to peel and discolor. The space appears empty, yet filled with memories. Even after moving out, Haley would make an effort in visiting the farmhouse often.


Meanwhile, AJ looked exceptionally handsome in his suit. Beyond his slim and athletic physique, I kept being distracted by the numerous pictures framed and scattered around the house, taken by yours truly of course. It reminded me of the amount of anticipation towards this day, measured not in months but years. I have since set my goal to invade their new home, one wall at a time.


Our couple tied the knot in a fairy tale setting. With lush forests, scenic trails and fine gardens, it is impossible not to come home with beautiful pictures. Whenever Haley lifts her veil, the slight breeze will follow to let the sunlight shine through. There is beauty, then there is radiance. This bride can smile and pose so effortlessly. As I scrolled the images quickly from the back of my camera, the person most delighted happened to be AJ!


Oh yes, AJ is a happy man indeed.


You can tell that there is an indescribable spark between these two. Whether in sub-zero temperatures or on the mountain peak, Haley and AJ would always accept the challenges with grace. Thank you so much for sharing your journey together! Your images are filled with emotion and elegance, I could not possibly ask for more.


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