Watson’s Mill wedding, Manotick

Watson’s Mill wedding, Manotick – Purple blaze

+  Highly unique venue with interesting history (just don’t be afraid of ghosts)

+  Friendly staff and great service to help you plan your wedding day

+  Various outdoor photography options within walking distance, or even a short drive

x  No running water within the mill, also no heating or air conditioning

x  Due to the above, washroom facilities are located in the office building, not inside the Watson’s Mill

x  No heating means you can only book during specific months, but it gets hot during summer


Watsons Mill wedding ceremony entrance


If you are looking for a venue that really stands out, do consider Watson’s Mill for its heritage. Catering will be a challenge as there is no running water but the staff has many good suggestions to offer. Due to space constraints, dinner and dancing may occur on different floors.


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The story goes like this:


Back in March 1861, a small celebration was held at the Watson’s Mill of Manotick, highlighting its first year of operation. The co-owner of the mill, Joseph Currier, just returned from his honeymoon with Ann, barely six weeks into their marriage. Ann’s dress got caught in one of the mill’s machinery and she was instantly killed. I will spare you the horrifying details of Ann’s death but it is widely known that her ghost has haunted the building ever since.


Kathleen had my attention once I learned that she would be getting married at the haunted mill… Although we did not encounter any ghost, we did bump into various inexplicable events. The rainy forecast had me worried as we would not be able to take advantage of the lush surroundings but it turned out fine. Passing by the gazebo, an antique piano was discovered and I was assured by our newlyweds that no such thing existed during their most recent visit. If rain on a wedding day is supposed to bring luck, then Kathleen and Shaun are destined for good fortune because the downpour was staggering that night.


Come to think of it, walking around with a metal pole (flash attachment) under a lightning storm seemed suicidal. I did promise Kathleen that we will make the best out of her wedding day, rain or shine, but the conditions were utterly horrendous. Either I get struck by lightning or get killed by the parents for bringing them out, I was convinced that I would become the next ghost of Watson’s Mill. Patience was key, I had to time the shutter against the outburst of lightning that rendered the entire sky purple. So we waited, which felt like an eternity as I watch Kathleen and Shaun hopelessly drenched in the rain. We all know those plastic umbrellas only serve as props, they barely offer any protection against the elements! In the end, we all managed to come home alive to tell the story.


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