Best Wedding Photos in Montreal, Guide for Brides and Photographers

Best Wedding Photos in Montreal, Guide for Brides and Photographers


Updated for 2019 / 2020, Pixelicious compiled the ultimate collection of the best wedding photographs in Montreal and beyond. With over 60 images and 5 years in the making, we feature some of the most memorable moments that involve real tears and laughs. Venues and location details are provided so if you are currently engaged or wedding photographers looking for inspiration, then you have come to the right place!



Highlights of 2018

“What you buy is faith, what you get is a promise to deliver and somewhere in between, there is trust. By acknowledging your trust, it is both my privilege and obligation to do whatever it takes to make your wedding a success.”


Rooftop of Entrepot Dominion MontrealWith good timing, you will be rewarded with a glorious sunset on the rooftop at Entrepôts Dominion (3968 Rue Saint-Ambroise, Montréal)

Traditional Ghanaian wedding outfit at La PlazaTraditional Ghanaian wedding attire bursting with colors, 2-day event at Plaza Centre-Ville (777 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa, Montréal)

Corn field near Auberge HandfieldExpect numerous scenic spots such as marina, woods and corn field at Auberge Handfield (555 Rue Richelieu, Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu)

Before heading to Temples Sugar Bush Ltd LanarkFairy tale setting with lush forest and gardens at Temple’s Sugar Bush Ltd (1700 Fergusons Falls Rd, Lanark)

Newlyweds hands in the air after ceremonyHeavenly bliss at Royalton White Sands Resort (Highway A1 Mountain Spring Trelawny, Montego Bay, Jamaica)

Kiss at Santa Cruz Mission MontrealCelebration madness outside of Santa Cruz Mission (60 Rachel St W, Montreal)

Snow outside La Vieille BrasserieGetting married in the coldest day of winter 2018 at La Vieille brasserie (2801 Boulevard Saint-Joseph, Lachine)

Reception Le RizzA night to remember at Le Rizz Salle De Réceptions (6630 Rue Jarry E, Saint-Léonard)

Hotdog outside Gibeau Julep OrangeWay too many calories consumed at Gibeau Orange Julep (7700 Decarie Blvd, Montreal)


It is not because I am unapproachable or anything like that but I tend to limit once per year when writing about myself. The intent was to dedicate the Pixelicious brand entirely to you since its inception. Yes, brides and grooms who entrusted me for their wedding day from near and afar. Without your stories, Pixelicious is just a hollow shell and a meaningless name.


I candidly joke with potential clients that my business model is a simple one: whatever other photographers do, I just do the opposite. Some determined that I was not serious, others believed that I was crazy. By forcing myself in being different, I made a conscious decision to walk a lonely path. That does not mean I walk alone however, because we ended up crossing paths in some of the most memorable ways. The feedback and testimonials gathered throughout the years reminded me that I was doing something right, something worth pursuing. My (almost) photographic memory will allow me to cherish your words for a very, very long time.


It is difficult to describe what a wedding photographer does nowadays. Contrary to what social media would have us believe, I do not spend much time visiting opulent wedding venues and shooting at exotic locations. In fact, I rarely touch the camera. I also realize that there is a strong disconnect between your desire in what to capture and what wedding publications prominently feature, in particular the glitter and other shiny stuff. Whenever I ask the question to my own clients, the answer has always been unanimous: the people.


There is a difference between what you are told that is important and what you truly think that is important.


I have since learned to listen more, a lot more.


Your stories and motivation in getting married are humbling. It is by listening to your heart’s inner desire, which consumes most of my time, that made me a better photographer and most importantly, a better person. My portfolio has become very people driven as a result, you have all influenced my approach to photography in a positive way and I cannot thank you enough.


Genuine expressions cannot be posed. Capturing authenticity often requires you to face your past, or a sudden surge of emotion in the moment. Some of you managed to suppress them while others break into tears but by doing so, it makes you vulnerable due to the camera’s presence. What makes your image special is not the light, the pose or the background but the feeling buried deep inside your heart. It is when that feeling resurfaces twenty years from now, that I know my mission is accomplished.


To my clients in 2019, I recognize tremendous flaws in my portfolio despite the praise and my social media presence remains abysmal at best. Whatever I plan on improving, I promise to never compromise your wedding experience. It is the only thing that matters in the end and that shall not change. You can try the dress or caterer but you cannot see your own wedding pictures before committing to a photographer. What you buy is faith, what you get is a promise to deliver and somewhere in between, there is trust.


By acknowledging your trust, it is both my privilege and obligation to do whatever it takes to make your wedding day a successful one. Whether you need assistance in planning your day or a hand to hold your dress, there will always be someone watching in the shadows to help you navigate through the chaos.


Beautiful imagery simply comes standard.


– Jimmy, Wedding Photographer of Pixelicious


Testimonial for Entrepot Dominion wedding

Jessica and Anthony

“Photos that easily tell a story. Photos that are flawless. Designed for each and every couple.”

5 stars review


“Within a few minutes of talking Jimmy gets to know his couples and already formulates his ideas for how to portray them in the best light. In the light that is personal to his couples. All he needed to hear from us is “we love to cook and eat” and “we are athletes” and he knew exactly what ideas to bring up that we would LOVE.


He listens so attentively and he remembers everything. I mentioned that photos of family are important for me and he had a wonderful idea to capture moments between my grandmothers and I. That is a memory I will never forget and the photos paint the perfect story of how I have lived my life and what is important to us. Everything about how he works is flawless. He has, alone, redefined wedding photography.”

Testimonial for La Plaza Centre-Ville wedding

Lois and Steven

“Follow up our conversations with next steps; I love this. He was so organized.”

5 stars review


“Jimmy is a rare gem. He is an amazing photographer with great customer service. He is kind, professional, compassionate and wise. During our weddings, he was quick-thinking and able to troubleshoot when there were problems, especially in regards to delays. He was also firm with guests, which is important because otherwise as the photographer he would not be able to take pictures without people standing in the way.


Throughout the wedding planning process, Jimmy checked in on us to see how we were doing and then follow up our conversations with a written email with next steps; I loved this. He was so organized. The pictures are wonderful. He really did a great job capturing the beauty and excitement of the day. Jimmy will forever be in our hearts!”

Testimonial for Royalton White Sands wedding

Ariane and Simon

“One of our friends called him a ninja, he was a ninja.”

5 stars review


“Jimmy was sort of our foundation, support. He was our guide throughout the whole wedding. He was like one of our friends. He was very attentive to our needs. He’s a great person, extremely professional. It’s kind of like having a planner there with you at the same time and that was something that really reassured us in the whole process.


I think that photography is one of the most important parts of the wedding day. It is the elements that will allow you to look back at the pictures and relive those moments. It will be those tears, it will be that awkward smile or that laugh or the funny dance move. One of our friends that got married who had him as photographer called him a ninja, he was a ninja.”


Highlights of 2017

“Among the many photographers that are available, you picked the one who happens to be obsessively driven in turning your event into a success, someone who will always put your best interests first. My intention is to keep that promise until the very end.”


Montreal Science Centre at 2:00 AMNight city skyline at 2:00 a.m at the Montreal Science Centre (2 de la Commune St W, Montreal)

Entrance of Les Bergeries de L'AcadieEmbracing the wind near the fields of Les Bergeries de l’Acadie (350 Chemin du Grand-Pré, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu)

Path to Chapiteau le Vignoble Groupe MadisonElegant vineyard wedding at Chapiteau Le Vignoble (23 Rang des Vingt, Saint-Basile-le-Grand)

Maison Lavande St-EustacheLavender dream at La Maison Lavande (902 Chemin Fresnière, Saint-Eustache)

Gatineau Park engagementMountain peak engagement featuring autumn colors at Gatineau Park (33 Chemin Scott, Chelsea)

Docks at Rosebud ResortSerene moments on the dock at Rosebud Resort (5000 Sherwood Rd, Portland)

Portrait at Place Ville-MarieWedding portraits at the PVM (1 Place Ville Marie, Montreal)

Restaurant Tong Por receptionWork hard but play harder at Tong Por Resto-Reception (12242 Boulevard Marcel-Laurin, Montreal)

Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church ceremonyRevealing your inner Batman at Reception Olympia Halls (777 Rue Saint Roch, Montréal)


I was given the privilege to tell your story, to witness you tying the knot and in some cases, to see your family expand. Somehow we managed to cross paths. The relationships built are, and will always be, what I cherish the most. You have my warmest greetings for the holidays and I trust that the new year will bring more delight and happiness to your family.


It is also the time of the year where I am allowed to talk about myself, for a good reason: the Pixelicious brand has never been about me, it is about you.


You came to me feeling a bit lost, sometimes stressed and certainly worried as to how your wedding day would unfold. Pixelicious has become a collection of stories, on how you endured the chaos and overcame the challenges. Whether you live just a few blocks away or halfway around the world, no matter how intimate or wild your party is, you all have a desire in making your celebration a successful one.


Nothing makes me prouder than seeing you go from “I do!” to “I did it!”


Endless tears and laughter were captured along the way. No one said that it would be easy and I couldn’t have done it on my own. Hearing about your life changes have a profound impact on how I look at things. I genuinely feel that your stories not only made me a better photographer, but also a better person. For that, I can’t thank you enough.


Unlike the catering or the dress, wedding photography is not something that you can try in advance. Committing to something while not being able to see the end result makes you vulnerable so each year I make the same promise, especially to those who have invested their faith in having me for 2018.


Your wedding day matters and I take that into heart.


You have given me the opportunity to serve, the chance to be your guide when you need it the most. Among the many photographers that are available, you picked the one who happens to be obsessively driven in turning your event into a success, someone who will always put your best interests first. My intention is to keep that promise until the very end.


– Jimmy, Wedding Photographer of Pixelicious


Cake cutting at Montreal Science Centre

Bojana and Niall

“He was tireless, shooting until 2 am… Very happy to go with Pixelicious”

5 stars review


“Jimmy is a wonderful photographer and I would recommend him very highly. He was attentive to our needs and remained a soothing competent presence both through the planning process and the day itself.


On our wedding day he was tireless, shooting until 2 am, and our guests continue to remark on our polite, dedicated photographer! The photos are lovely and we are both very happy with our decision to go with Pixelicious.”

Olympia reception head table toast

Megan and Raphael

“You went above and beyond to help us and we will be forever grateful”

5 stars review


“You helped a very stressful time become so easy and fun. You made sure everything was perfectly planned so that we didn’t feel rushed. These are photos we will have to cherish for the rest of our lives.


You have a wonderful way of taking these natural photos that look like they are so full of life. You went above and beyond to help us and we will be forever grateful for everything you have done. Your honesty, kindness and vision shine through your work.”

Newlyweds in front of limousine

Jessica and Anthony

“He kept track of time which allowed us to enjoy the day even more”

5 stars review


“Jimmy was professional and super organized during all the wedding planning and on the big day. He kept track of time which allowed us to enjoy the day even more. His high quality photos captured every special moment.


The website was easy to access and made it easy for family members to go and download the photos. He even went the extra mile of mailing us a USB key with all the photos. I would definitely recommend him to anyone for any occasion.”


Highlights of 2016

“In the end, it is that special feeling buried deep inside your heart that I ultimately wish to offer, something intangible that will be triggered again and again. You might not remember me twenty years from now, but the emotion will remain, always.”


Moment with bride's dadDad’s promise to walk her down the aisle at Crowne Plaza Montreal Airport (6600 Chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse, Saint-Laurent)

Docks near Cove Inn WestportRomance on the docks at The Cove Country Inn & Spa (2 Bedford St, Westport)

Crabapples at Montreal Botanical Garden Espace de la VieCatching the crabapples at the Botanical Garden / Space for Life (4101 Sherbrooke St E, Montreal)

Reception at Le Carlton MontrealWedding reception turned into rave party at Le Carlton Centre d’Evenements (8860 Boul Langelier, Saint-Léonard)

Sparklers exit at Golf Le MirageWalking out with sparks at Mirage Golf Club (3737 Chemin Martin, Terrebonne)

Fountain L'Ambroisie et L'Espace CanalThe fountain that no longer exists at L’Ambroisie et L’Espace Canal (4020, rue Saint-Ambroise, porte #140, Montréal)

Westmount SquarePinned against the wall at Westmount Square (1 Westmount Sq, Westmount)

Chantecler receptionStargazing outside of Chalets Chanteclair (2325 Rte 117, Val-David)

Bride holding mom's photoRemembering and paying tribute to mom at Holiday Inn & Suites (101 Kanata Ave, Kanata)


As far as photographers are concerned, I am perhaps among the least active ones on social media. Although I only write a handful of times in a year, this post is cherished the most because I get to see my favorite images all over again. By meeting people I wouldn’t normally come across and by taking pictures in places where I wouldn’t normally go, photography has changed my perspective on so many things. Wedding photography, in particular, has always been about relationships. Therefore I wish you all get the chance to slow down and to spend quality time with the people dearest to you this upcoming holiday season.


At the risk of scaring my future brides, the truth is that weddings rarely go according to plan and things can get ugly real fast. The glamour of wedding imagery seldom matches what is happening behind the scenes. It is never easy being the bride and I have seen them challenged throughout the day. However, I realize that no matter how far behind schedule we are, how cold or how dark it is, a compelling image can be created as long as I have their trust. Surprisingly, I am rarely scolded for doing things my way, notably for ruining my bride’s makeup by bringing her into tears, choosing a location that will obviously dirty her dress or pulling her away from the reception when she is having the most fun. Many unforgettable moments were captured in such unusual circumstances.


The past few years I have received countless feedback, glowing testimonials and even thank you cards mailed to my home. I am truly humbled by your kind words and they resonate with my desire in pursuing wedding photography. Every line brings vivid flashbacks so I can just imagine how visceral it can be when you go through the images. In the end, it is that special feeling buried deep inside your heart that I ultimately wish to offer, something intangible that will be triggered again and again. You might not remember me twenty years from now, but the emotion will remain, always.


To those who put their trust in me for 2017, I can’t promise you blazing sunsets or the stars for your wedding day but you have my unfailing commitment in facing whatever challenges we might encounter, together, regardless of whether the camera is on or off. There will always be at least one person who is constantly looking after you, whether close by or from far away. Among the numerous photographers available at your service, you ended up choosing me. Words cannot describe how privileged and grateful I feel so my pledge to you remains the same, which is to tell your story as faithful as it can be, one frame at a time.


– Jimmy, Wedding Photographer of Pixelicious


Testimonial at Watson's Mill Manotick

Kathleen and Shaun

“You were always punctual, professional, and organized”

5 stars review


“Shaun and I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did with our engagement and wedding photos. We appreciated the time you spent creating photos that were both original and unique. In particular, everyone loved the rainstorm pictures.


You were always punctual, professional, and organized. Additionally, you offered straight-forward pricing at a lower cost than we could find elsewhere. We are very happy we pursued our friend’s referral and will not hesitate to recommend you to others ourselves!”

Testimonial at Le Carlton reception

Marie-Eve and Jason

“His professionalism was so refreshing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

5 stars review


“My wife and I did a lot of researching before we found Jimmy. We met a lot of prefabricated artists with the same speeches and same approach. With Jimmy it was different, we instantly clicked and we thought his professionalism was so refreshing.


Then our pre-wedding photoshoot came along, I was not really looking forward to an extra shoot but a day with Jimmy was enough to understand all of his artistic qualities. Simply put, it was the most beautiful day of my life and i can look at all the magical moments that Jimmy capture with the same sparkle in my eye. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Testimonial for Holiday Inn and Suites Kanata wedding

Keisha and Andrew

“Pictures we are able to re-experience the joy we felt that day”

5 stars review


“Words cannot express how grateful we are to have had Jimmy as our photographer. Hardworking, kind, skilled, professional and talented are only some of the adjectives that describe Jimmy. He is an expert at capturing the most beautiful moments which are so candid that every time we look at the pictures we are able to re-experience the joy we felt that day.


We couldn’t imagine having any other photographer because there is no one as talented or as amazing as Jimmy! His pictures are everything we have ever wanted and more. A true craftsman!”


Highlights of 2015

“Beyond what we see and hear, it is how we feel that brings depth to an image. The element of intangibility is what makes the moment truly extraordinary.”


Montreal downtown skyline at sunsetAdmiring the downtown’s skyline at the Montreal Science Centre (2 de la Commune St W, Montreal)

Outdoor ceremony at La ToundraOutdoor ceremony at La Toundra (1 Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montréal)

Walking out at Espace CanalRetro themed wedding at L’Ambroisie et L’Espace Canal (4020, rue Saint-Ambroise, porte #140, Montréal)

Dancing at StrathmereIt takes three to tango at Strathmere (1980 Phelan Rd W, North Gower)

Bride's portraitElegance and emotion featured at Crystal Palace (28 Drummond St E, Perth)

Korean wedding at sunsetKorean wedding with both the white dress and Hanbok (Cantley, QC)

Winter engagement at Rideau LakesWalking on frozen ice for winter engagement at Rideau Lakes (Rideau Lakes, Perth)

Wedding at Herb GardenLoving to the moon and back at the Herb Garden (3840 Old Almonte Rd, Almonte)

XO restaurantAgainst all odds at XO Le Restaurant (355 St Jacques St, Montreal)


It is the time of the year where I get to wish everyone happy holidays and I trust that you get to spend quality time with your loved ones. I am aware that this year is special for many of my past clients as their families have expanded. The good news always bring a huge smile onto my face and remain certain that I do take the time to keep track of your life events.


Of course, this wouldn’t be possible have I not come across a long list of wonderful people who entrusted me with their weddings. I am always, and forever will be, thankful for their faith in my ability to capture their special day and to tell their stories. One groom in particular showed utmost commitment by leaving everything behind, only to start life anew halfway across the globe. I once said yes to a bride-to-be without even knowing the date while another kept changing the date until I said yes. There is certainly no shortage of interesting stories to share as they are all unique in their own ways. I have been truly blessed, often spoiled, by their exceptional kindness as many offered their continued support by referring family and friends.


My clients know that I make them work hard in order to obtain these images, often involving lots of tears and laughter. The other day, my cinematographer friend whom I always refer, candidly commented on how yours truly makes his brides cry, almost on a weekly basis. Sometimes I do wonder whether I pushed too hard but at the very core of what I do is to allow my clients relive their emotions, again and again. Beyond what we see and hear, it is how we feel that brings depth to an image. The element of intangibility is what makes the moment truly extraordinary. Ever since I decided to pursue wedding photography I knew immediately that I would be given a highly privileged role, witnessing the most intimate moments so I never take that privilege for granted. Should my photograph trigger that same feeling deep inside your heart twenty years from now, then my effort was worthwhile. Until then, I will just keep pushing further.


2015 has been an incredible year, exceeding my own expectations in so many ways and I don’t anticipate things to slow down for 2016. To those who have entrusted me for next year, I share the same level of excitement and rest assured that you have my unyielding dedication for the many months to come. Chances are this would be your first and only wedding in your lifetime so I look forward in offering you the most pleasant and memorable experience. That has always been the Pixelicious promise and it is something that will never change.


– Jimmy, Wedding Photographer of Pixelicious


Engagement photos

Victoria and Luis

“It was about delivering quality service”

5 stars review


“Working with Jim was a real pleasure. He really knew how to capture what was important to us and tell a story through our photos. The fact that he offers a “no frills” service allows him to have the best price for value offered.


He didn’t try to sell us on the extras, it was about delivering quality service. Highly recommend if you’re looking for someone to capture your special day who cares about you and your end results rather than just lining his own pocket!”

Bride and groom inside limousine

Amanda and Robert

“He takes the time to get to know his clients”

5 stars review


“We highly recommend Jimmy as your photographer for any event! He takes the time to get to know his clients and their passions so that the photo shoot is customized to what they love. He put us at ease right away and not one shot was posed… every picture was natural and it came out in every shot.


We loved working with him. Our engagement shots were so much fun and having him there on our wedding was fantastic. Wedding days are filled with activities and ‘staying on time’. Jimmy’s cool, collected nature kept everything calm and made taking pictures so much fun on our wedding day!”

Night silhouette outside Strathmere

Sarah and Mario

“Every shot seems so intimate, so un-rehearsed”

5 stars review


“We cannot believe it has been two years since our January wedding. It has been a honeymoon ever since and all we need to do to step back in time to that special night is look at the incredible pictures you took.


We are so lucky to have found you. You captured every moment perfectly and in such special fashion. Every shot seems so intimate. Every pose un-rehearsed and full of energy and meaning. Thank you so much for capturing the moments of our special day.”


Highlights of 2014

“I realized something incredibly profound: success in photography has nothing to do with the camera. It is about being faithful and truthful to our clients from start to finish and beyond.”


Just married at ScenaJust got married at Scena (Old Port, Quai Jacques-Cartier, Montréal)

Entrance of Velvet Speakeasy Auberge St-GabrielEntrance of Velvet Speakeasy at L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel (426 St Gabriel St, Montreal)

Engagement photos with familyCatching the fall colors at Macdonald Campus (21111 Lakeshore Road, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue)

Bride with daughters at Manoir GrantBride embracing her daughters before ceremony at Manoir Grant (19 Rue Florian-Paiement, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield)

Black and White wedding portraitWedding ceremony overlooking the river at Fourquet Fourchette (1887 Avenue Bourgogne, Chambly)

Laughing out loudLaughing out loud at the Montreal Science Centre (2 de la Commune St W, Montreal)

Bride's preparation with momBride’s mom helping before wedding ceremony at Club de golf Whitlock Golf & Country Club (128 Côte Saint-Charles, Hudson)

Dancing in the rainDancing in the rain at La Fontaine Park (1619 QC-138, Montréal)

Night silhouette at Cabane a sucre Le ConstantinDarkness in the woods at Cabane A Sucre Constantin (1054 Boulevard Arthur-Sauvé, Saint-Eustache)


As 2014 comes to an end, I would like to take a moment to wish all of you happy holidays and the very best for the new year.


The past twelve months represent an incredible journey with my pursuit of wedding photography. The Pixelicious brand was born from a simple vision: to offer high quality images at an affordable price.


The response was overwhelming as I encountered many great individuals who shared their unique life stories with me. Many of you have stayed in touch right here on Facebook and have offered their support through testimonials or referrals. I am thankful from the bottom of my heart. I cherish each and every single relationship that have been forged through the many months working together. This experience has allowed me to grow tremendously both on a personal and professional level.


Very often I hear horror stories such as how photographers always show up late, how clients get ditched last minute in favor of a higher paying contract or why it takes six months to deliver the photographs. Quite frankly I don’t have answers to these questions but I realized something incredibly profound: success in photography has nothing to do with the camera. It is about being faithful and truthful to our clients from start to finish and beyond.


No one said that wedding photography would be easy. We don’t get to choose the venue, the date, the time, the weather… The truth is that we never get to choose anything! Yet, we are always pressured to produce stunning images whatever the circumstances. Despite all that, I had the utmost privilege in witnessing the most intimate, romantic and emotional moments from both families. Looking at your world through my camera has opened a whole new dimension therefore I welcome the challenge with open arms.


To those who have put their faith in me during 2014, I simply can’t thank you enough. Always remember that you are the reason why each image is so special.


Finally, to those who have entrusted me for their wedding in 2015, rest assured that I look forward to your celebration more than anything.


– Jimmy, Wedding Photographer of Pixelicious


Bride kissing daughter

Julie and Marco

“Les photos sont superbes, lumineuses et pleines de vie!”

5 stars review


“Nous avons vraiment adoré le travail de Jimmy lors de notre mariage à la Scena. Il nous a écouté nos idées, en a proposé de très bonnes, et ultimement respecté notre vision, ce qui est une très belle marque de professionnalisme. Il a capté tous les moments clés de la soirée tout en étant très discret, même nos invités nous on fait des bon commentaires sur sa capacité à se déplacer et se mettre à la bonne place pour le cliché sans déranger.


Les photos sont superbes, lumineuses et pleines de vie! Exactement ce que nous désirions! Il nous a laissé des souvenirs remarquables, tellement que ma soeur l’a engagé pour son mariage! Jimmy, merci encore d’avoir éternisé ces moments merveilleux! Je te souhaite tout ce qu’il y a de mieux.”

Brides' first dance

Sophie and Emilie

“Attentif, discret et passionné, il prend des photos de rêve”

5 stars review


“Jimmy est un photographe professionnel chaudement recommandé. Attentif, discret et passionné, il prend des photos de rêve au premier plan sans jamais attirer l’attention. Il est également doté d’une forte capacité d’adaptation et de flexibilité: pour notre mariage, il a su passer d’une cérémonie éclairée uniquement par des chandelles à une séance extérieure dans la neige étincelante sans broncher.


Nos proches restent épatés des couleurs, de l’originalité et de la qualité de nos photos. L’oeil et l’instinct raffiné lui ont permis de capturer des instants aussi officieux et notoires que tendrement anodins et subtils de notre soirée. De plus, son service avant, pendant et après notre mariage a toujours été honnête et convivial.”

Newlyweds on the dance floor

Monica and Marouane

“Vous ne trouverez pas mieux en terme de service, qualité et prix”

5 stars review


“Jimmy a été plus qu’un simple photographe pour nous. Il a frôler le “wedding planer” en nous référant des ressources pour notre mariage. Il a été soucieux de garder contact avec nous de la signature du contrat jusqu’au jour du mariage. Il a joué discrètement un rôle d’organisateur pendant le grand jour afin de s’assurer que tout se passe bien, tel que prévu et sans stress.


Il a été extrêmement rapide à nous remettre les photos finales comparativement aux autres photographes. La résolution des photos est d’une qualité hors pair. Visiblement, vous ne vous tromperez pas en choisissant Pixelicious. Nous avons la certitude que vous ne trouverez pas mieux en terme de service, qualité et prix.”

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