Plaza Volare Crowne Plaza wedding, Montreal

Plaza Volare Crowne Plaza wedding, Montreal – Promise fulfilled

+  Various reception halls to choose from, accommodating any number of guests

+  Dealing with PMG Group, offering turn key, proven solutions for your wedding day

+  Crowne Plaza also offers many rooms for those staying overnight, great option if your guests are from out of town

x  The venue offers an outdoor ceremony option, technical it’s just a small space next to the parking lot

x  Located near the airport so do expect airplanes flying over, being next to highway also mean noisy environment

x  The lobby does offer options for indoor photography during bad weather but since it is a highly popular venue, expect to be crowded with multiple weddings simultaneously


Crowne Plaza Montreal outdoor wedding ceremony


You get the advantage of working with PMG Group, one of the most prominent turn key wedding providers in Montreal so you can expect consistent quality and service. Various, spacious halls to choose from, suitable for any wedding regardless of size or budget. The area is lacking when it comes to scenic backdrops so allocate sufficient travel time if you plan to take photographs elsewhere.


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When I ask my brides what would be the most important thing to capture on their wedding day, the answer has always been unanimous: the people.


Due of the above, my albums tend to feature portraits more than anything. Behind each frame, there is a story. Behind every expression, there is emotion. It is very easy to get carried away by the glitter and the glamour of wedding images. After all, our brides get bombarded by these constantly. Yet, even a 5-star wedding reception would be meaningless with empty chairs. Victoria’s photos reminded me once again the essence of a wedding which is a celebration with the people dearest to us.


What you see in the cover photo is a story of a proud father who was determined to walk her daughter down the aisle no matter what, despite being diagnosed with cancer. Things must have been difficult ever since and I am very grateful for Victoria in sharing the hardship because I would have otherwise missed these precious moments. She is extremely kind once again, in allowing me to share her story here.


When the weather forecast showed 10-15mm of rain two days prior to your wedding, I suppose the panic is justified. Despite the adversity, Victoria and Luis remained composed and everything went well as promised. With a memorable solo performance of the Rainbow Connection, heartwarming speeches, a dance floor so packed that I could barely squeeze in and even a surprise dance highlighting both parents’ wedding anniversaries, this couple will go to unimaginable lengths to ensure that their guests had a great time.


Nearly two years I have been waiting to see them tie the knot and no words can express how thankful I am for their trust. Victoria has been very supportive regarding my work all along and her feedback is something that I will treasure forever. The love is mutual and I trust that everyone present at their wedding felt the same way.


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