Smiling Until The End

What Happened

My impression of Melanie and David has always been a carefree and easygoing couple. A bride this approachable is usually a strong indication of a fun wedding day. In fact, I felt unusually relaxed despite my role as the photographer. You know, they say that stress can be contagious so perhaps I wasn’t getting much from my bride?

Despite our attempt to keep things simple, a wedding must have various challenges along the way and this one is no exception. We met one week prior to the big day and Melanie advised that she will be getting ready in the venue’s basement. It was a room described as windowless, uninteresting decor with dim spotlights from the ceiling, essentially four plain walls where one can’t even hang her dress… At that point I wasn’t paying attention anymore as I was too busy cursing inside my head.

Luckily, there was another location available and I will describe it as a locker room and lavatory crossover, with a sink sticking out in the middle of the corridor. Oh, the space happened to be pitch black. As depressing as this may sound, there was a window where the light falls gracefully into a 2×2 meter square. It was sublime. When I saw that I grinned like a child visiting the candy story for the first time. If I need Melanie to put on her dress in such a tiny area where she could barely turn around, then so be it.

As I scroll through the images, I can’t help but notice her smile in so many of them. You know, they also say that happy people attract other happy people. Therefore it is no surprise to see our newlyweds surrounded by such loving family and friends, smiling all the way until the sparklers finale.