Last Day of Summer

What Happened

It was officially the last day of summer and apple picking season was in full swing.

Visitors flooded the normally quiet town of Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, I couldn’t help but to notice the cars desperately trying to park near the orchards, with many already full to begin with. For those who persevered and managed to beat the traffic, they found themselves in one of the most scenic spots in the area. Behind us was a lush forest with mountainous views, turn to the opposite direction we were then greeted by endless rows of grapevines, stretching down the rolling hills. Walk one minute and discover the enchanted apple orchard void of people, so serene that I asked our DJ to pause reception midway such that I can steal our newlyweds for a few more images.

Stephanie and David invited an interesting mix of guests. Mainly family and friends, but also a disproportional amount of colleagues from RBC, among them were familiar faces very dear to yours truly. The event itself could have been sponsored by RBC and there wouldn’t be any objections, I was surprised that no one brought a huge banner advertising as such. On second thought, with so much time spent at the office, wonderful colleagues are considered family and friends after all.

I don’t get to hear from David often but I have since learned that he was the sentimental one. By inheriting his great-grandfather’s pocket watch, he now bears the responsibility in safeguarding the family heirloom. As they say, a man never truly owns a watch, he only takes care of it to pass it down to the next generation. I handed David enough tissues throughout the day that I ran out for myself.

Deep down we all know he cried, multiple times!

Meanwhile, Stephanie sure knows how to make a grand entrance. She summoned the final rainfall of summer upon her arrival to the venue, riding in a convertible nonetheless! As they unanimously proclaim their wedding as the best day of their lives yet, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, everything seemed to work out in the end.