7 Important Steps For Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

7 Important Steps For Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer


Your photographs will be the timeless memento of your wedding and thus they need to be unique, clean and attractive. For this reason alone, you have to make sure that you choose the right wedding photographer with the desired experience, skills and knowledge of wedding photography. Make sure your photographer is highly friendly, professional and punctual enough to ensure the best pictures. There are so many things considered while choosing a photographer although we strongly recommend considering one within the greater Montreal area. In this article, we mention some of the important considerations, which will help you select the right candidate.


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Technical Skills & Experience

It is something very important, because a photographer with little experience and mediocre technical skills may have difficulty delivering the high quality images as promised. Hiring inferior candidates may end up wasting your precious time, efforts as well as your money. Be careful and choose the right person.


Wedding Photography Portfolios

It is important to compare several wedding photographers in your area (Montreal) such that you understand what each person has to offer. Make sure you see a selection of various weddings to get an idea of how your photos should look like. Pay attention to the quality, the lighting, overall clarity of all photographs and finally select the best wedding photographer that fits your budget.


Artistic Styles

Before deciding on your wedding photographer, you will need to consider what style of photography you would like to achieve. This can go from a highly posed glamorous shoot to a subtle photojournalistic approach. There is no right or wrong answer, a strong candidate will have experience mixing both styles to fit the flow of your event.


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Quality and backup of equipment

To ensure the best quality images, a reliable wedding photographer will not only have access to professional grade equipment but also backup gear to ensure continuity of the shoot regardless of the situation. Consumer level cameras might not be able to withstand heavy rain or freezing temperatures, putting the clients’ moments at risk.


Meeting with the photographer

A meeting with your photographer will help you evaluate his / her personality and professionalism. Since you will be spending many weeks (if not months) working together, it is important to choose someone you trust and feel comfortable with. Don’t hesitate to ask your photographer about sample albums, engagement sessions, posing techniques and various general tips to a successful wedding day. Having someone from Montreal will make meetings much more convenient.


Evaluating multiple packages or offers

Future newlyweds will be offered a variety of packages or offers to choose from. Each photographer in Montreal tends to do things and price their service differently. Although budget concerns are important, what’s important is to pick the best candidate for the job. Remember that we are only doing this once so it wouldn’t be logical to settle for the 2nd best only to save $200 per se. Instead of asking for a discount, consider getting more value as to what is being offered such as bundling pre-wedding photos, extra albums or additional prints.


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Booking and securing the date

Once all the details are well explained, it is time to review all the information on paper (formal contract). Take the time to review with your fiancé and don’t hesitate to ask questions if needed. Your wedding photographer is here to serve you as a guide, not just to show up and operate the camera at the event. It is common to pay a small deposit, commonly known as the retainer, to confirm the date. The amount in question varies but it can go from anywhere between 10% to 50% of the total cost of wedding photography. Now that you have found the perfect candidate, here are the 9 things wedding photographers do that will make your day awesome!


Why consider bringing in a professional photographer?

The wedding is no doubt is one of the most cherished days of your life. For most couples who believe in long-term or lifetime relationship, this grand event only comes once. Wedding photography will serve as a reminder of how special your day was. After your party comes to an end, the only thing left will be the images captured. These photos remind of those special moments that occurred on the day of your marriage, so they are precious things to be preserved. As your relatives or friends may not be trained or skilled enough to capture quality images, therefore it is worth considering to hire a professional wedding photographer instead.


Hiring a professional photographer is essential, as this person has the necessary knowledge and experience to capture your day as it unfolds. A good photographer will not miss even the single important moment of smile, tear, hug or laughter. After taking your pictures, he / she will select the best pictures for retouching, further enhancing the artistic and technical merit of each photograph. The images can be delivered electronically and / or as an album, per your contractual agreement.


Hiring a professional photographer gives you the peace of mind that you deserve while tying the knot. Therefore, start by making a list of your favorite wedding photographers within Montreal, compare them in terms of experience, services, and pricing. It is also advisable to consult your colleagues or friends, especially those who are married already. Schedule an appointment with three to five photographers to discuss your needs and budget with them. Interview them and ask important questions to be sure that you are going to choose the right person.