9 Things Montreal photographers will do to make your wedding day awesome

9 Things Montreal photographers will do to make your wedding day awesome


Everything seems to be in motion as your wedding day draws near. You have your mind on so many little details and photography is probably at the top of that list. Since your wedding photos will be significant reminders of your magical day, it’s not hard to understand why you’re obsessing over who is right for the job and what else you can do to help them produce the best shots.


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Something to consider: excessive worrying could make you break down, preventing you from enjoying your own wedding, so hire people you can trust for the job. When you hire a professional Montreal photographer that specializes in wedding photography, not only will you get amazing photographs but they will take care of every single detail so you can go ahead and celebrate to the fullest. The following is a short list of what great photographers do to enhance your wedding experience.


Plan the day ahead of time

Some photographers might get lucky and just be at the right spot at the right time to catch a special moment but professionals plan for it. You will surely appreciate someone that goes the extra mile to scout the wedding venue before the big day. It is not only impressive, but it also makes you relax since you are certain your precious photos are in capable hands and not the product of a lucky moment. Choosing vendors within the greater Montreal area provides the local expertise not found elsewhere.


Bringing in the proper equipment

After carefully reviewing the rundown, professional photographers will ensure that they bring all necessary equipment such that the shoot can occur regardless of the situation or weather. Their camera, lenses, lights, batteries and more will be well packed, serviced, tested and ready to get into action on your wedding day. This shows you that they are taking your event seriously. You are more likely to take your mind off photography now, being confident that an expert is on top of things.


Stay on schedule

Just like the coordinator and DJ have a timeline to do their jobs, a professional photographer will also prepare a schedule to follow through the program. This means that he / she is ready for any potential moment before it happens and you will rest assured such images are well captured. For example, the photographer will communicate with the DJ and planner prior to the cutting of the cake. Lighting, placement and posing instructions will be provided to ensure a smooth outcome.


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Encourage a First Look to reduce anxiety

Tradition dictates that couples wait until the ceremony to see each other for the first time. Other couples don’t mind that first look and having one can reduce stress as all bridal portraits are completed prior to the ceremony. If the couple decides on having the first look, they already know what they look like and aren’t as nervous when they meet again when hundreds are watching. Your entire wedding will be more enjoyable when you get rid of anxiety right from the beginning and every shot will look even better because of this.


Arrive early to capture memorable moments

Most photographers offer their services based on a fixed number of hours. The best ones don’t hesitate in arriving early and staying late because they understand that beautiful moments can occur anytime. Preparation images at home in particular are highly emotional as parents and grandparents see the bride in the white dress for the first time. Making sure that these photographs are captured will set a positive mood for the rest of the day.


Give directions but remain unobtrusive

Having too many people around tends to elevate stress so good photographers know how to work around the scene and capture awesome moments without disrupting anything. They even know to put their lenses away in solemn moments, so they don’t ruin the moment. There are times where posing directions are required and although wedding photography remains a critical component of event, it shouldn’t take over the wedding day itself.


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Listen to your needs

Remember that this is about you and no us (the vendors). Don’t hesitate to tell us about special requests or list things you wish to capture. Experienced photographers will always try their best to accommodate while staying true to our artistic identity. In order to ask the right questions, here are the 4 things you should know about wedding photography. Just make sure that enough time is being allocated such that we can work on particular poses, angles and lights. Photographers are known to be creative, but clients often bring great ideas too! It’s all about teamwork after all.


Capture natural looking images

Clients often desire their images to be natural and believable. We understand that not every bride or groom is a professional model so we are expected to offer posing instructions and various other tips. Without shoving the lens in your face and making you nervous, photographers will keep their distance when needed to let moments unfold naturally. This is done by setting up a comfortable environment for you to walk into and interact without being camera aware.


Not missing the party and the dancing

Unless your photographer lives outside of Montreal, there’s no reason to miss the reception really. The sun might had set already but the fun begins now: speeches, toasts, games, animation, cutting of the cake, bouquet toss, garter throw, photo booth, first dance, the list of things to photograph is just endless! Dancing time is truly party time. This is when your wedding guest let their hair down, take off their shoes and really start to get down. All your friends and family go wild. An amazing photographer will capture lots of crazy, happy and exciting moments on the dance floor, to forever remind you who has the best moves.


Weddings are already stressful enough, you don’t need to add worrying about the outcome of photography to that list. When you hand everything over to a professional wedding photographers in Montreal, you are rest assured an expert is in charge and this makes your wedding even more enjoyable. An expert will prepare ahead of time, have all their equipment, plan to give you their full attention and deliver the most amazing shots of your very special day.