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Pixelicious Website Terms and Conditions of Use


Last reviewed: May 2018


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Your privacy and our website

Pixelicious (“we” or “us”) is committed to offering a website that respects our visitor’s privacy. To learn more, please consult our privacy policy at



External linking (a link to a third party) is for convenience only. It may not represent an endorsement and Pixelicious does not monitor, control or verify the contents of any third party’s website. We are not liable for the content published by a third party accessed through a link.



Our website does not display any ads or use Google AdSense at the current time. To learn more about AdSense can visit


Ownership of content

We publish content to promote our products and services, also to help visitors plan their event. The information is presented “as is” and it does not reflect how your future event will turn out. Our clients acknowledge that their images may be influenced by external factors, that are out of our control such as the weather, time constraints and uncooperative behavior from other guests.


All content on this site is subject to copyright and you may not reproduce the materials in whole or in part and in any format without our written consent. To learn more about the Copyright Act, please visit


Trademark notice

The name “Pixelicious” may not be reproduced or used, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes, without our written consent. Trademarks in Canada are governed by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. To learn more about CIPO, please visit their website at



Please contact Pixelicious for any questions or concerns about our website:

Toll-free: +1 844-749-3542