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The brand’s success continues to be measured by the level of satisfaction from its clients

2019 marks the 5th year anniversary of Pixelicious, the journey remains as exciting as ever!

Since its inception, I envisioned Pixelicious to be different. I had to deconstruct what other photographers were doing, flip it upside down and redesign touch points such that everything favors the client. This was easier said than done and of course, many mistakes were made over the years. It required a lot of listening and fine tuning to truly understand your desire, to earn your trust. The brand’s success continues to be measured by the level of satisfaction from its clients. In other words, all of you! It may be impossible to quantify, but it’s the only metric I care about.

In order to give you my full attention, I had to ignore everyone else. I started off by aggressively building a portfolio, as a way to demonstrate my competence, only to realize that it was my ego talking. Despite recognizing the flaws in my own images, I kept on receiving invaluable feedback. You taught me the essence of wedding photography, the truth in storytelling and the importance to relive your emotions again and again, as opposed to achieving technical perfection. Through experience and wisdom, I have learned to accept less mandates and concentrate on delivering the experience, the intangible feeling of something extraordinary.

Photography has led me to amazing places and incredible people. I am thankful to have reached a point where I can be generous with my time. This includes reaching out to my favorite clients and other charitable organizations that I believe in. Whenever I doubt myself, new opportunities surface and I end up collaborating with even more wonderful people. There’s no such thing as being too generous or too kind after all! This also explains my abysmal presence on social media, I take pleasure in treating others for coffee instead.

Whether it resulted in memorable photo marathons or building your family legacy, thank you once again to those who shared their special day with me this year. I treasure our relationship more than anything else, even at the expense of waiting many years to meet again.

I always end with the same promise. Commitment goes both ways so to those who entrusted me for 2020, I shall be by your side every step of the way. Over the years I earned various nicknames, ranging from “wedding ninja” to “concierge”. My intention is to uphold such reputation, by unconditionally offering the level of service and attention you deserve.

Jimmy, Wedding Photographer of Pixelicious