By acknowledging your trust, it is both my privilege and obligation to do whatever it takes to make your wedding day a successful one

It is not because I am unapproachable or anything like that but I tend to limit once per year when writing about myself. The intent was to dedicate the Pixelicious brand entirely to you since its inception. Yes, brides and grooms who entrusted me for their wedding day from near and afar. Without your stories, Pixelicious is just a hollow shell and a meaningless name.

I candidly joke with potential clients that my business model is a simple one: whatever other photographers do, I just do the opposite. Some determined that I was not serious, others believed that I was crazy. By forcing myself in being different, I made a conscious decision to walk a lonely path. That does not mean I walk alone however, because we ended up crossing paths in some of the most memorable ways. The feedback and testimonials gathered throughout the years reminded me that I was doing something right, something worth pursuing. My (almost) photographic memory will allow me to cherish your words for a very, very long time.

It is difficult to describe what a wedding photographer does nowadays. Contrary to what social media would have us believe, I do not spend much time visiting opulent wedding venues and shooting at exotic locations. In fact, I rarely touch the camera. I also realize that there is a strong disconnect between your desire in what to capture and what wedding publications prominently feature, in particular the glitter and other shiny stuff. Whenever I ask the question to my own clients, the answer has always been unanimous: the people.

There is a difference between what you are told that is important and what you truly think that is important.

I have since learned to listen more, a lot more.

Your stories and motivation in getting married are humbling. It is by listening to your heart’s inner desire, which consumes most of my time, that made me a better photographer and most importantly, a better person. My portfolio has become very people driven as a result, you have all influenced my approach to photography in a positive way and I cannot thank you enough.

Genuine expressions cannot be posed. Capturing authenticity often requires you to face your past, or a sudden surge of emotion in the moment. Some of you managed to suppress them while others break into tears but by doing so, it makes you vulnerable due to the camera’s presence. What makes your image special is not the light, the pose or the background but the feeling buried deep inside your heart. It is when that feeling resurfaces twenty years from now, that I know my mission is accomplished.

To my clients in 2019, I recognize tremendous flaws in my portfolio despite the praise and my social media presence remains abysmal at best. Whatever I plan on improving, I promise to never compromise your wedding experience. It is the only thing that matters in the end and that shall not change. You can try the dress or caterer but you cannot see your own wedding pictures before committing to a photographer. What you buy is faith, what you get is a promise to deliver and somewhere in between, there is trust.

By acknowledging your trust, it is both my privilege and obligation to do whatever it takes to make your wedding day a successful one. Whether you need assistance in planning your day or a hand to hold your dress, there will always be someone watching in the shadows to help you navigate through the chaos.

Beautiful imagery simply comes standard.

Jimmy, Wedding Photographer of Pixelicious