Beyond what we see and hear, it is how we feel that brings depth to an image

It is the time of the year where I get to wish everyone happy holidays and I trust that you get to spend quality time with your loved ones. I am aware that this year is special for many of my past clients as their families have expanded. The good news always bring a huge smile onto my face and remain certain that I do take the time to keep track of your life events.

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible have I not come across a long list of wonderful people who entrusted me with their weddings. I am always, and forever will be, thankful for their faith in my ability to capture their special day and to tell their stories. One groom in particular showed utmost commitment by leaving everything behind, only to start life anew halfway across the globe. I once said yes to a bride-to-be without even knowing the date while another kept changing the date until I said yes. There is certainly no shortage of interesting stories to share as they are all unique in their own ways. I have been truly blessed, often spoiled, by their exceptional kindness as many offered their continued support by referring family and friends.

My clients know that I make them work hard in order to obtain these images, often involving lots of tears and laughter. The other day, my cinematographer friend whom I always refer, candidly commented on how yours truly makes his brides cry, almost on a weekly basis. Sometimes I do wonder whether I pushed too hard but at the very core of what I do is to allow my clients relive their emotions, again and again. Beyond what we see and hear, it is how we feel that brings depth to an image. The element of intangibility is what makes the moment truly extraordinary. Ever since I decided to pursue wedding photography I knew immediately that I would be given a highly privileged role, witnessing the most intimate moments so I never take that privilege for granted. Should my photograph trigger that same feeling deep inside your heart twenty years from now, then my effort was worthwhile. Until then, I will just keep pushing further.

2015 has been an incredible year, exceeding my own expectations in so many ways and I don’t anticipate things to slow down for 2016. To those who have entrusted me for next year, I share the same level of excitement and rest assured that you have my unyielding dedication for the many months to come. Chances are this would be your first and only wedding in your lifetime so I look forward in offering you the most pleasant and memorable experience. That has always been the Pixelicious promise and it is something that will never change.

Jimmy, Wedding Photographer of Pixelicious