You might not remember me twenty years from now, but the emotion will remain, always

As far as photographers are concerned, I am perhaps among the least active ones on social media. Although I only write a handful of times in a year, this post is cherished the most because I get to see my favorite images all over again. By meeting people I wouldn’t normally come across and by taking pictures in places where I wouldn’t normally go, photography has changed my perspective on so many things. Wedding photography, in particular, has always been about relationships. Therefore I wish you all get the chance to slow down and to spend quality time with the people dearest to you this upcoming holiday season.

At the risk of scaring my future brides, the truth is that weddings rarely go according to plan and things can get ugly real fast. The glamour of wedding imagery seldom matches what is happening behind the scenes. It is never easy being the bride and I have seen them challenged throughout the day. However, I realize that no matter how far behind schedule we are, how cold or how dark it is, a compelling image can be created as long as I have their trust. Surprisingly, I am rarely scolded for doing things my way, notably for ruining my bride’s makeup by bringing her into tears, choosing a location that will obviously dirty her dress or pulling her away from the reception when she is having the most fun. Many unforgettable moments were captured in such unusual circumstances.

The past few years I have received countless feedback, glowing testimonials and even thank you cards mailed to my home. I am truly humbled by your kind words and they resonate with my desire in pursuing wedding photography. Every line brings vivid flashbacks so I can just imagine how visceral it can be when you go through the images. In the end, it is that special feeling buried deep inside your heart that I ultimately wish to offer, something intangible that will be triggered again and again. You might not remember me twenty years from now, but the emotion will remain, always.

To those who put their trust in me for 2017, I can’t promise you blazing sunsets or the stars for your wedding day but you have my unfailing commitment in facing whatever challenges we might encounter, together, regardless of whether the camera is on or off. There will always be at least one person who is constantly looking after you, whether close by or from far away. Among the numerous photographers available at your service, you ended up choosing me. Words cannot describe how privileged and grateful I feel so my pledge to you remains the same, which is to tell your story as faithful as it can be, one frame at a time.

Jimmy, Wedding Photographer of Pixelicious