Glengarry Pioneer Museum engagement session, Dunvegan

Glengarry Pioneer Museum engagement session, Dunvegan – Off the beaten path


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Very often my clients approach me because “we need to have our pictures taken” rather than “we want to”.


Let’s say that Sam falls into a third category which resembles more like “this is so much fun, we have to do this every week!!!”. It is rare to see someone bring such an incredible amount of enthusiasm. Always willing and energetic, this lovely country girl does not shy away from the lens.


Sam also happens to be my first client who managed to pull out a granola bar AND a cheese stick out of nowhere in the middle of the shoot because she was afraid that her photographer was getting hungry at dinner time! When she said that I could have BOTH if I wanted to, my heart melted and my knees turned weak after being struck by her kindness. At that moment Sam almost revealed her halo and glowing wings, I reckon the angelic description matches her white outfit flawlessly. So I happily obliged and dragged myself back to the car to chew on my granola bar, trying to comprehend what just happened. Folks, clearly this is not about the granola bar because yours truly always comes prepared with a trunk full of them. However, such small gestures won’t go unnoticed and rest assured that the level of kindness will be reciprocated.


Most men dislike having their pictures taken so I was surprised to see Bryer sharing the same enthusiasm for the shoot. He actually made a special request to feature “my truck”. I couldn’t even remember the location because at some point I just decided to make a right turn and there it was, an amazing stretch of tall grass into the sunset. As we are about to get started, Bryer walked up with a bottle of water. That instance I thought “wow they are offering me a drink too, this couple is so sweeeeet!”


Then Bryer whipped out a towel and started washing his truck’s front bumper…


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