4 Things You Should Avoid When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

4 Things You Should Avoid When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer


Are you planning to tie the knot soon? If the answer is yes, you are most likely to be in neck-deep with all the wedding planning soon. From arranging the catering to inviting the guests, the to-do list is endless. However, amidst all this, an important task is to hire your wedding photographer. Don’t leave this assignment until the end because it is important to choose a good photographer who will be able to capture those precious moments. With so many artists claiming to be good photographers, choosing one can be quite a daunting task. How do you know who is good and who is not? To top it all, weddings are known to be expensive so you need to ensure that you are hiring someone that fits your budget.


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It is common knowledge that you wouldn’t have anything else apart from the photographs that remind you of your wedding day. This is exactly why you need to give it your 100% in doing your research to be able to find a perfect wedding photographer. With so many Montreal photographers claiming to do an amazing job it definitely is a difficult task to find a perfect match who would be able to capture the day exactly as you want it. Photographers use various methods to advertise themselves. While most of it would be over-hyped and exaggerated some points would be worth considering. We identified the red flags that you should pay special attention to:


Willing to accept multiple clients on the same day

Being constantly busy isn’t always a good thing. Larger studios will accept multiple events within the same day due to having a team of wedding photographers on standby. Chances are you will meet and talk with the owner, although that doesn’t mean that this person will be the one photographing your wedding day. Make sure you clarify this question and if you are unable to obtain the answer, it simply means that your wedding is about to be outsourced (to whoever is available). This prevents you in building precious rapport with your photographer, as this person will show up for the first time on your wedding day. We believe that building trust and having a relationship throughout the wedding planning is crucial. Knowing our clients is key to capture moments beautifully.


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Going for the cheapest option

A good photographer will be capable of making you look amazing even if you are wearing a modest wedding gown. It is important to choose wisely. Just because they have a deal running you shouldn’t decide on choosing the photographer based on the cheapest price you can get. If you have already decided on a photographer then you can go ahead and take advantage of the offer products if they are available. Common sense says that you ultimately get what you pay for and it’s worth emphasizing that quality comes with a price. Some brides make the mistakes to save a few hundreds, only to hire an inexperienced photographer without proper backup equipment that results in missing or lost images. The headache afterwards is often more costly.


Showing unprofessional behavior and attire

A wedding is a day of celebration. There are many guests who come to the wedding and, of course, there is plenty of food and drink for the pleasure of the guests. Sometimes a photographer begins to focus on what is on the menu rather than what was planned. This can ruin your moments supposed to be captured. Also, a photographer that shows up late at the meeting leaves a bad impression to the client, respecting the timeline on a wedding day is fundamental.


Before hiring any photographer, carefully evaluate the candidate’s professionalism, communication skills and overall behavior. This person will interact with other family members and guests, also to represent you in a way. Showing up on time, being polite and courteous are basic soft skills required in addition to a stellar portfolio. More importantly, a photographer should dress well and according to the event. If you are hosting a formal reception with black tie attire, your wedding photographer must obey the dress code.


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Hiring a family member for the job

Choosing to go with a relative just because they say they can do it free might cause a lot of discomforts later on. Wedding photography is complex and inexperienced photographers often underestimate the work and effort involved. Things always look great when going according to plan but if you have been to weddings as a bridesmaid or groomsman, you know things can become chaotic behind the scenes real quick!


Make sure you exercise due diligence, as there are many Montreal wedding photographers to choose from. Hiring a dedicated person for the assignment will avoid family conflicts down the road. The professional has contractual obligations to deliver while a family member is simply helping as a favor. Instead of having someone dear to you working on your wedding day, why not let someone else handle the camera such that you can enjoy the day to the fullest along with everyone else?