What do brides want

What do brides want?

We always ask our clients a very simple question: What is the most important thing to capture on your wedding day?


An astonishing number of brides express desire in photographing people.


Whether it is your aging grandparents or out of town guests, our clients want their stories to be told. Faces, authenticity and emotion that will be triggered many years later when you look back at your images. Real, powerful moments that vanish in seconds and never to be seen again, yet documented forever in a picture.


Temples Sugar Bush Ltd wedding
Genuine moments cannot be posed. Our clients expect us to capture real emotion in the moment.


Here’s the problem: The industry pressures brides in chasing the perfect wedding, from the color of your napkins to the number of layers on your cake. As a result, we have forgotten what a wedding is all about.


There is a difference between what you are told and what you truly believe that is important.


Our clients see weddings as a celebration with the people dearest to them. If this resonates with you, then you will love Pixelicious. All we ask is a few minutes such that we can guide you through your journey from start to finish.


Anatomy of wedding photography

Bridesmaids taking group picture during preparation

Your wedding day can be broken down into various phases. The order can vary, depending on how your event is structured but each phase requires different techniques to come up with a cohesive set of images that tells your story.


Bride getting makeup doneHere’s a secret, brides don’t like having their pictures taken without makeup so we wait until the end or have the artist stage a few shots.

Bride holding bouquetNot only do we take detail shots, we incorporate them into timeless and elegant portraiture.

Bride with grandmotherThe transformation from the everyday you into a bride is an emotional one, we will capture both laughs and tears. We want authenticity, the truth in storytelling.


Groomsmen in boxers during preparation

It doesn’t have to be always serious, let loose in your boxers and we would be happy to oblige.


Groom holding collar

Grooms are often neglected at weddings but we don’t share that sentiment at all.

Groom buttoning suit

Feeling like a million dollars once you put on the suit.

Groom posing during preparation

We expect our grooms to look handsome and sharp, as if they are posing for GQ.


Outdoor wedding ceremony overlooking the ocean

Whether you are tying the knot at the church or on the ocean’s edge, your ceremony photos will be captured discreetly to let you enjoy the moment. Slow down. Take a deep breath then say “I do!”


Tent reception venueA tent themed venue at the vineyard displays elegance.

Rustic wedding venueWhereas others prefer a more rustic, warm ambiance during reception.

Opulent wedding venueUnleash your personality when choosing a venue, let us capture the opulence and glamour.


Group picture of bridal party

Like any great movie, the supporting cast plays an integral role throughout the wedding day. Take the time to feature your bridal party, you assembled the team for a reason.


Group picture of bridesmaidsPrepare a list in advance, such that we can go through the group pictures efficiently.

Group picture of groomsmenOne of the rare instances where you can gang up on the groom without any consequences, so go for it!

Group picture of wedding party on the beachThe best time for group photos is immediately after the ceremony since everyone is already there. Send your guests to cocktail when finished, it’s that easy!


Bride and groom portrait

Reveal the magic, the romance between the two of you when no one is around. Simple, elegant poses to make your images candid and believable.


Bride and groom at the parkNatural expressions and hand movements. Flattering poses that result in quality imagery.

Bride and groom at the docksYou aren’t professional models and we don’t expect you to pose like one.

Bride and groom at the churchRest assured that beautiful photos can be captured wherever, whenever.


Reception party

Celebrate to the fullest and let us take care of the big moments. Time to show off your dance moves!


Wedding speech toastMemorable speeches are hard to come by. They provide unscripted reactions for both the speaker and the newlyweds.

Wedding first danceThe moment you have been waiting for, all eyes on you during the first dance.

Wedding sparklers exitEnd your night in style, full of sparkles.

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What you buy is faith. What we offer is the promise to deliver

Somewhere in between, there is trust.


You can visit the venue and try on the dress, but you can’t see your own wedding pictures when choosing a photographer. You are about to make one of the most important decisions because there is so much at stake.


Invest in the person behind the camera, let Pixelicious be your guide to a successful wedding day.

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Others vs Pixelicious

At Pixelicious, the client experience is the only thing that matters. This is why we tear apart what other photographers do and offer a holistic approach to wedding photography. By limiting ourselves to a small number of clients each year, the level of customer service is unparalleled. We strive to give the attention and dedication you deserve.


What others offer

  • An “associate” photographer from the studio, essentially your wedding is outsourced
  • Package with limited hours of coverage, with applicable overtime when exceeding agreed hours
  • Prints or album bundled with the package
  • Digital files that are downsized in resolution, preventing you in making quality prints
  • Only a partial set of images will be retouched (those from album)
  • Slow turnaround, in some cases many months before receiving your pictures
  • Generic engagement photos, an hour or two at the park

The Pixelicious experience

  • Coverage by Jimmy, the founder and lead photographer of Pixelicious (commonly described as ninja)
  • Red carpet, concierge service throughout your journey. Call us? We answer. E-mail? We reply, fast
  • Flat rate for the day so plan according to your needs. Overtime doesn’t exist in our vocabulary
  • We don’t force our clients to buy prints, albums or anything they don’t want
  • Our clients receive full resolution, retouched digital files in weeks (next day rush delivery available)
  • Engagement sessions that will blow your mind, requiring half to a full day


Here’s the deal, if you have made it this far, chances are we are a great fit! Please get in touch by clicking below and tell us your vision for your big day!


I want amazing wedding photos!