Things to do in Montreal

Top 10 Things to do in Montreal


Located in Canada, Montreal is the second French speaking city in the world. The dashing metropolis has a vast and unique culture with a diverse history. There is certainly an endless list of things to get up in this city ranging from different shows, the cobbled streets, rides, local delicacies, attraction features., name them! The list is long. Old Montreal is the must-see destination. Here we will explore 10 of the things you wouldn’t miss to do in this beautiful city.


Some of the following locations were previously featured on our homepage:

  • Go Up Mont-Royal
  • Old Montreal
  • Take a local food tour
  • Visit one of the markets
  • Take a Craft Beer Tour
  • Take a walk on St- Paul streets
  • Catch a show
  • Tam Tams
  • Catch the new exhibit at Monteal Museum of Fine arts
  • Visit Montreal Botanical Garden


Go Up Mont-Royal


This would be the perfect start off point for your tour. The walk is really unforgettable and for the lazy ones, the ride is a busy one and entirely free of charge. The view downtown and the mountains from the south offers a remarkable selfie spot. The view Is especially great in the morning when the light is slowly making its way into the city.


Old Montreal

The Old Montreal was once a fortified city but today, the city stands out as a safe vibrant home to many. The vast hotels, boutiques make the city to stand out from the rest in North America. Don’t be surprised to bump into countless newlyweds during summer, the Old Port has always been a prime location among Montreal wedding photographers.

You would need more than a day to explore this city but you could still get enough from the city and visit a few attractions in a day.

The fascinating highlights includes the Notre Dame Basilica which was completed in the year 1829. Its unique light and sound recaptures the history of the city and the church. The Calliere Museum in Montreal also explore the history of the city through the artefacts and archeological studies.

There are also many exclusive shops, fine restaurants in the streets of old Montreal. Take your time, don’t rush in to the first restaurant you came across as there are lots substandard restaurant that aim to exploit the location of the city. Exploit the location fully before settling on a specific one. Doing some online research will help in finding some outstanding places.


Take a local food tour


There’s not a better way of feeling the city than tasting the culinary heritage. The city has a diverse culinary heritage spiced up by a myriad of different cultures and traditionsThe Old Montreal and the Mile End tours guide will help you to get the best and most interesting adventure. The tours will stop at intervals to allow you have a taste of the foods while still explaining to you the history of this great city. It will be the best way to spend your day as you interact with the locals who might help you get the best escapade of all time.


Visit one of the markets

This is probably the best way to interact with locals while still having the opportunity of tasting new things especially in the summer, when most of their firm products are in season. For instagrammers, a photo shoot with a background of colorful berries will be such an exciting experience. For market lovers, I bet that taking a market tour will make your day one of the best in this city.

There are two major markets that you might consider visiting, Jean Talon and Atwater. The later would be the best choice because it is located near riverside which would offer an after-tour picnic.


Take a Craft Beer Tour


I bet you dint know that Montreal is one of the worlds top destinations for fine beer. There are 3 amazing craft beer breweries which you might consider visiting. Tasting each of the six locally brewed beer will one unforgettable experience. The beer is paired with fine food to make your experience even better.


Take a walk on St- Paul streets


You cannot exhaust the exciting things to do in Old-Montreal. In case you don’t have enough time to explore the entire city, walking on the streets along St-Paul would also be a great experience. There are a lot of restaurants, souvenir shops, bars and art galleries along the streets that will prove a great option for your enjoyment. The city is relatively cheap therefore you don’t need much to get enough fun.


Catch a show


The uncountable music venues in Montreal are a great way to showcase both talented local and international musicians who are just passing by. Picking one show on particular night with the help of Blues Skies Turn Black might turn out to be the most exciting part of your tour.

Some o of the places for such venues could be found at Mile EX, Plateau and St-Henri. The Plateau is a home a velvety curtain, Sala Rosa, a Spanish venue which offers a Spanish restaurant on the first level where you grab some Paella before attending the show.


Tam Tams

Tam Tams Montreal

Tam Tams will be another great way to enjoy your Sunday afternoon. At this time, half of the Plateau gathers near the Monument of Sir George-Etienne Cartier and in Mount Royal Parks surrounding green space. This outdoor drumming festival will make your visit to the city one of the best you’ve had.


Catch the new exhibit at Montreal Museum of Fine arts

The museum not only hosts fascinating permanent collection but has gone a step further to welcome the work of great artists such as Warhol, Chihuly and Gautier. These exhibitions are entirely free and will be worth your while.


Visit Montreal Botanical Garden

The Montreal Botanical Garden is one among the largest and the most beautiful gardens in the world. The garden was designed in the year 2008 by National Historic of Canada. The garden is quiet haven and stands right in the middle of the great city.

The beautiful plants, tropical greenhouses and themed gardens will take away your breath as you gaze at the uniformly trimmed hedges to resemble all members of the animal’s kingdom. The diverse species of plants and the burst of color will be a spectacular way to spend your day in Montreal.


Fun cannot be complicated. To have the best experience in this wonder city, be optimistic and let yourself feel the city. Be free to explore anything new that you came across like socializing with the locals. Above all, do some research first to have a better grasp of what to expect.