Most beautiful places in Montreal

Most beautiful places in Montreal


Set on an island in the Saint Lawrence River, Montreal is the largest city in Canada’s Quebec province. Despite being large, Montreal has managed to maintain it’s beauty. Montreal boasts of having both natural and man made beautiful sites. This means that it is never a dull moment in Montreal because one has too many options to choose from when it comes to enjoying the wonderful scenes around. To help make your tour and adventure in Montreal worth your while, here is a list with the most beautiful places in Montreal.


The top places in Montreal for photography

  • Mount Royal
  • Charlevoix Metro Station
  • Clock Tower Quay
  • Old Montreal
  • Parc Jean-Drapeau
  • Montreal biodome
  • Montreal Botanical Garden
  • Montreal Insectarium
  • La Fontaine Park
  • The boardwalk along lachine canal
  • Saint Joseph’s Oratory
  • Tam Tams


1. Mount Royal / Mount Royal Park

This mountain is a natural landmark in the city. It offers the best city views atop it’s three peaks. Mount Royal Park is designed to ensure that everyone who visits is well accommodated and enjoys themselves. It offers affordable and free sports activities for people of all ages. The park offers many places to picnic, a children’s playground, lookouts and a bird feeder circuit. Beaver Lake which is a man made lake is an unforgettable sight.


2. Charlevoix Metro Station

This green line is absolutely stunning. It’s two platforms are stacked on top of each other making it unique. The lower platform makes it more interesting because it is twenty seven meters underground. It has color stained glass therefore turning to wonderland whenever the sun’s rays are streaming through the glass.


3. Clock Tower Quay

The tower is forty five meters high and it was built between 1919 and 1922. It is a symbol that serves many purposes the obvious one being showing time. It is also a symbol that marks entrance to the port, honors the memory of lost sailors. The tower has one hundred and ninety steps to the top and this is worth it because in return, you get an amazing view of the city and St. Lawrence River.

4. Old Montreal

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Old Montreal is the oldest are in the city. It’s architecture though built decades ago, blends well with the modern and elegant neighborhood. The are is rich in historic sites and it can only be summarized with three words, beauty, history and architecture. It is one of the prime sites for wedding photography in Montreal.


5. Parc Jean-Drapeau

Versatility is what Parc Jean-Drapeau is all about. It is renowned for it’s diverse activities. Some of the activities here include kayaking, snowshoeing, ice skating, snow tubing, kicksledding, canoeing, casino gambling, cycling, just to name a few. This destination is also home to the famous La Ronde which is Eastern Canada’s biggest amusement park which has the highest double wooden roller coaster in the world.


6. Montreal biodome

This is a must see place because it guarantees experiencing different climates in one location. It houses five ecosystems which are full of wildlife. It is home to the lynx, a recreation of Laurentian Maple Forest and penguins.


7. Montreal Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is home to thousands of plants. The garden has ten large greenhouses which have thematic gardens. Arguably, this is the most beautiful place in the city. Outdoor themes featured include an arboretum, a Chinese garden, a First Nations garden, a rose garden, a water garden, a lily garden, a shade garden and a Japanese garden. It’s extensive collections and facilities makes it one of the most important botanical gardens in the world.


8. Montreal Insectarium

The Insectarium resembles a stylized insect when observed from the sky. It is a natural history museum and home to more than one hundred and sixty specimens of insects such as butterflies, ants and bees. Once you visit the intriguing universe of insects, you will be surprised to learn more about the adaptations and behavior of insects. For adventurous souls, the museum has held ‘Insect tastings’ before and you might be lucky too. The collections displayed include live and dead insects. Visit this place to have a chance to view the most rare species of insects. It would be wise to check your calendar to see if there is any event scheduled during your visit.


9. La Fontaine Park

This greenspace in the city of Montreal is a great place to get away. It reflects the cultural and sporty lifestyle of the population in Montreal. It is popular for picnics, jogging, bike riding, swimming and ice skating and snowshoeing in winter. The park is nice for someone who wants to take a nature trail or just take a break from the usual city life for a moment. The park has a lot of squirrels but it’s terrain cannot support bigger wildlife.


10. The boardwalk along lachine canal

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Discover a new side of the city. This canal is famous for bikers but you can take a walk as you enjoy the surroundings. Kayaking is also an option. The canal takes you back to Montreal’s industrial past when it’s economy relied on industries. Nearby sites such as the Lachine Fur Trade Museum offer a rich about the Lachine canal.


11. Saint Joseph’s Oratory

This is the largest church in Canada rich in spirituality, nature and culture. The oratory has wide lawns, colorful flower beds and an exquisite garden of the way of the cross. The rich and varied architecture of the church is outstanding. The oratory is also famous for its music concerts and special religious celebrations right at the heart of Montreal. This also the largest shrine dedicated to Saint Joseph in the rld.


12.Tam Tams

If you want to fall in love with Montreal, go ahead and experience a Tam Tams festival, it is beautiful seeing people of all ages being brought together to enjoy music. It’s all about drums and dance. People gather here to listen to the drums and at the same time dance to the amazing beats and music made by the different sounds.

Montreal has hands down some of the most beautiful places in the world. It is a city that you will enjoy visiting and even staying in. Switching from the normal city life to interacting with nature is fast and easy thanks to the nature dwelling in the city. These places are splendid and are enjoyed by both locals and tourists.