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Montreal Wedding Photographer Prices


We regularly reach out to business, wedding and lifestyle blogs to contribute valuable insights and tips for their readers. In many cases, we supply and share our images to enhance their content, free of cost. This brings tremendous value to their readers.


Our generosity extends to our own clients, or even visitors to our website. Chances are, you are a recently engaged bride-to-be (or groom-to-be) and since this is your first wedding, hopefully the only wedding in your lifetime, you are seeking for guidance to make your event a successful one. This is the reason why we help because we know how much this matters to you.


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Pixelicious is based in Montreal, Quebec and wedding photography tends to be expensive. If you have been to wedding shows, don’t be surprised when receiving quotes of $4000 to $5000 and upwards. Professional, reputable photographers deserve their asking price, make no mistakes but savvy brides should understand how photography is priced and what they are paying for.


Usually the price comes in the form of a package, or a bundle. The psychology behind it is to have you select one. The lower tier package is mainly to entice customers in reaching out, when advertised as “price starts at…” Meanwhile, the upper tier will have everything including the kitchen sink but it might be too costly for many. Most will settle to the middle package and this is precisely where wedding photographers want you to choose. To inflate the value of such package, you will be shown a list of à la carte prices such as engagement session, hourly rates and print / album pricing. Adding each item will reveal a much higher price tag, as opposed to just buying the “package”. Needlessly to say, this is by design to lure you into purchasing, although you might not want or need some of the things included in the package itself.


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The alternative lower cost option, which is very popular among larger studios, is to simply outsource your wedding to an “associate photographer”. This gets tricky because there’s a good chance that you have been dealing with the main or lead photographer all along (the portfolio images on the website also belong to this person) but ultimately, someone else will be shooting your event. Worst of all, sometimes you don’t even know the name of your photographer until the big day!


Our advice is to clearly question and identify the studio you are inquiring should they have a team. We strongly believe that a strong, positive and trusting relationship will yield better imagery. This is not possible if you don’t know who your associate photographer is in advance.


Golf Le Mirage wedding Terrebonne by Pixelicious Montreal wedding photographer


At Pixelicious we strive to bring utmost value and transparency to our clients:

  • By not bundling albums and prints into our pricing;
  • Removing hourly and overtime rates such that you can plan according to your needs;
  • We don’t plan on outsourcing your wedding day to another photographer;
  • You pay in full only after reviewing the retouched images, no surprises;
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, no questions asked;



It is no surprise that we love to write! We feel that by sharing as much information we can, our visitors can benefit. Not only that, we love our hometown: Montreal! If you are thinking of inviting out of town guests to your event, the following articles will be very helpful:



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